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Hare Krisna,Actually I sincerely belief that one of the most important part of chanting Maha Mantra with full devotion is to first understand the real meaning of Maha Mantra. Nothing should be secret or unrevealed, all devotees should know what he is going to do before sitting for Japa in a certain posture infront of the Diety or any other holy place. As all kind of learnings are generated from critical reflection, so, why don't we ask to GURU or any other pure devotee to reveal the real meaning of Mantra, meaning of each word in this holy Mantra.If anyone knows perfectly the meaning, please send it to us, and also check whether the meaning is approved by other pure devotees, or not. We can add this one as a ninth step of Japa Maha Mantra. What do you think? Let's rise together. Haribol.. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.Subrata Ganguly.

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  • Haribol. I regularly received Srila Prabhupada nectars. On one email, the following was stated:
    Srila Prabupada to devotees: “when we chant Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, we do not refer to this Rama but to Balarama, Krishna's brother and His first expansion. 'Hare' refers to Radharani." "And why is Radha included?" "She is Krishna's spiritual pleasure potency. It is not that Krishna is alone. He is always with His beloved, the most elevated of the gopis. When Krishna enjoys Himself, He expands as Radha-Krishna. Here in the material world, what we call sex life is a perverted reflection of that enjoyment potency. We should not consider Radha-Krishna in that light. That is an offensive mistake."

    Hope this helps.

    • Haribol, thank you very much for presenting a very specific and relavant quotation from the discussion between Prabhupada and his disciples. Please keep trying to find out more statements of Prabhupada or any other Pure devotees on the same topic. If the secret reveals to us, surely, we will find more energies and devotions to continue chanting. No other thing, except the divine power of Maha Mantra binds the whole world together, the most astonishing thing is that the power of MAha Mantra destroys all differences and hatreds. Just have a look at the world, the people of different countries have their different culture, traditions, languages; as we have seen, not even the religion binds the people together, continuous infighting is there, but it is only the Maha Mantra that every single person can enjoy its divine tastes and uniqueness. The people are being glorified by chanting. Nowadays, Europe and the developed world are thinking about global citizenship, but this new concept of modern thinkers does not meet the actual demand of the individual as well as the entire world. So, the question is -Why is Maha mantra different from any other existing concepts? The real mystery...krishnaism. Is it the last alternative of the modern world?

      Haribol. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
  • 1.By His uncommon beauty, Sri Krsna Candra takes away the mind of everyone. However, when Sri Radha expands Her own cleverness, She also captures Sri Krsna’s mind. Therefore She is called “Hara.”

    2. By His loveliness and by the sweet sound of His flute, Sri Krsna, who is decorated with the most captivating qualities, attracts Radha. Therefore He is called Krsna.

    3. It has been heard from the mouths of great souls that Lord Hari led away the fawn-eyed Radha from the Rasa dance to a secluded bower. Therefore Radha is called “Hara.”

    4. As He sports with Radha, His blackish effulgence causes shiny gold to also appear blackish. Therefore He is called “Krsna.”

    5. In pursuance of the wishes of His beloved Sri Radha, He constructed in the forest near Govardhana a lake named syama-kunda and then drew the waters of all holy bathing places there. Those who know this call Him “Krsna.”

    6. By Her unsurpassed love, Sri Radha attracts Him who is the performer of wonderful pastimes to the Vrndavana forest on the banks of the Yamuna River. Those of steady intellect therefore call Him “Krsna.”

    7. One day while Krsna was in Vrndavana, He killed the demon Arsta, who was disguised as a bull. At that time Radha affectionately called out to Him “O Hari!” Therefore She is known as “Hara.”

    8. Sometimes, due to excessive love, Sri Radha’s voice becomes faint when She sings the glories of Sri Krsna’s pastimes. Therefore those who are expert in discerning spiritual sentiments call Her “Hara.”

    9. Once, in the forest of Vrndavana, Sri Krsna dropped His flute due to the intense experience of loving sentiments. At that time Radha snatched up His flute. Therefore She is called “Hara.”

    10. Once Sri Krsna put His arms around Sri Radha, took Her into a bower shaped like one of the caves at Govardhana Hill and there enjoyed with Her. Therefore He is called “Rama.”

    11. Every day the most merciful Sri Radha bestows (rati) happiness upon them. Therefore She is called “Hara.”

    12. The minds of the devotees always find pleasure in Sri Krsna, who is an ocean of transcendental bliss. Therefore that beautiful dark form of Krsna is called “Rama.”

    13. Radha is called Rama because She enjoyed Acyuta through loving pastimes in a forest pavilion made of flowering creepers. Because Krsna is with that Rama, He is called “Rama.”

    14. When all of Gokula was filled with wailing because of a forest fire, Sri Krsna extinguished it, thus greatly pleasing the Vrajavasis. Therefore He is called “Rama.”

    15. Sri Krsna went to Mathura to kill the demons headed by Kamsa. By Her desire to enjoy confidential pastimes with Krsna, Sri Radha brought Krsna back to Vrndavana. Therefore She is called “Hara.”

    16. When Sri Krsna came back to Vrndavana, He took away the suffering of the Vrajavasis and by His wonderful pastimes, captivated Radha’s mind. Therefore that son of Nanda is called “Hari.”
    • Hare Krisna,

      This explanation of Maha Mantra is really wonderfull, specific and detail, so while chanting we can feel the presence of merciful God Krisna, and His divine soul Radharani, and in doing so, we can attain the divine pleasure and can have the ultimate transcendental bliss of Radhakrisna.

      Please don't stop sending messages more on the divine meaning, its bliss, its effects on mind, body, intellects,soul, and also ultimately the whole world-existing living and non living entities.

      In this connection, we can open up another discussion, our ideas on the divine word 'SURRENDER' unto His lotus feet through Chanting of Maha MAntra, which should be the ultimate goal of all followers of Krisna.

      Haribol. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

      Subrata Ganguly
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