Karma - effect of the same on our day to day life

Dear SirJAI SHRI KRISHNA...JAI SHREE RAMWe very often hear that all our future depends on the karma we have done in the past. How do we relate our destiny to it coz what ever is written in our destiny that is bound to happen so how do i related my destiny with karma.Also, i understand that God has given human beings to act according to its will. How would one co relate past karm, destiny and will

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    • I agree to what you say...please clear one more doubts....how do planetary movements affect our destiny..?
    • plenatry moments are also a material thing.. which Krsna's eternal potency controls but for a devotee planetary moments does not effect bcoz they are surrendered to krsna.. then Krsna take care of them.. :)
  • Hare Krishna Amrita
    Well, after many glory experience in life and after knowing his hollyness Srilaprebhupad and his books then finally many many people around, I came to know meaning of Karma even though I am still searching. Karma past, present and past life, in past life how do we know what we did? Hard to tell but when we look our present time with our surounding, when we know it is all bad, in this life we have chances to get away from this sinful life and do good Karma. Present Karama based upon what we do, if others force upon us bad Karma, we have chance to choose our Karma. Future life based upon how we manage present and what we leave behind this is what we have in our self to live life from bad karma. I learn from his hollyness all glory to him Sri Srilaprebhupad who himself had to make that choice when he had to choose what karma mean. He chosen to do good Karma and because of this we are all here talking to one another.
  • It is true that chanting mahamantra helps but when krishna takes you in His shelter, it is a real testing time for you. Do everything possible to pass the test.
  • We can win over our destiny by prapatti means by rendering our heart and soul to our krishna..
    it may be looking easy to see or hearing this but by practising this is not at all easy but we can make it easy by chanting his name.Namasankirtan and Prapatti are only way to win over destiny
  • PAMHO AGTSP, Guru and Gauranga,
    Hare Krisna,

    Now We are under slavery for our destiny which is predestined. But by surrendering to Krishna by chanting the maha mantra, you can master your destiny
    • Hare Krshna

      Hare Krshna Krshna Krshna Hare Hare
    • and what would u say about the co relation between the will and past karmas
    • Hare Krishna!!
      If there r some sinful activities of ur past karmas u will have to suffer for it in this life, but the suffering will be much less because of Krishna´s mercy upon u. And relating abt the will , once ur under Krishna´s shelter u as a human being will always do positive things. ¨¨God has given human beings to act according to its will¨¨ Yes that is true , but God says that whatever we do we should do it for him and then we should leave everything upon him. So that will of urs will automatically be positive. Hope my answer was of some help to u. Hare Krishna.
    • Hare Krishna!
      Sakshi Mataji, your reply has touched the correct point " Doing everything for Krishna" then rest assured, everything will be fine.. 'Present' is the only thing which we have in our hand.. we should not regret or dream of our past, rather we should try to learn from the past mistakes ... and thinking of future is not the actual work of a devotee, because, a devotee depends on Krishna's protection.. and always remains blisfull. As soon as one thinks of future, one becomes unsteady, doubtful... "Sanshayatma Vinasyati".. the person who doubts, is destroyed (B. Gita). If I have missed anything or explained any point incorrectly , then please rectify and let me know. Always in service of Prabhupada! .. Hari Bol!
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