In Bagavad Gita Lord Krishna says'"MAASAANAM MARGASEERSHOHAM"that of all the months he is MargazhiMarghazhi is one of the month which is very close to KrishnaMargazhee months started from todayfor devas one day is equal to 1 year of oursin those day their brahma muhurtham [early morning] was comes in margasira/margali maasamthis margasira month is brahmamuhurtham of all devasall devas worship sri krishna in this timewhen we worship Krishna in this same time [early morning in margali month]its give more happy to krishnaradhe krishna

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  • Thanks Mataji
    • Hare krishna Thanks Hare bol,
  • Hare Krishna !
    It was very nice to know the importance of margasira masam.Thanks for making such a beautiful discussion.Jay Radhe Radhe !
  • By Krishna's grace, I am wide awake by 10 minutes to 4 am every day. Today morning i.e 16th Dec 09 again I was up at the same time - Body Clock or Krishna conciousness! and I had started chanting by 4:15 am.

    Hari Bol
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