'Invisible Tilak' for the work-a-day devotee.

How do you wear your devotion to work?  For Plain clothes devotees, the desire to dress with devotion and then go to work in the material world may have some conflict.  When I was younger and new to KC, I would wear a Kurta (devotional shirt) and a Chaddar (prayer shawl) to places I worked. Back then, I was a performance artist, so most people didn't mind.  But in other venues, I was looked at as a little "out-of-it".

     When I asked the devotees what to do, they gave me suggestions to tone-down my apparel and use more subtle devotional dress.  One such suggestion was 'Invisible Tilak'...    Here's what I was taught:  Take a nice vessel and fill it with water; say "Shri Vishnu" and touch the water with the tip of  your right 4th finger and say "Om ganges namah:" .  Keep this blessed water in a special place, and then every morning your can decorate you forehead with Invisible Tilak and say, "Om keshavaya namah:" .  And, there you have it... Tilak that only you and Shri Krishna know you are wearing.

It feels good to walk out the door to work knowing I'm wearing my Tilak mark.

Actually, the water mantra was a longer prayer, but I couldn't remember it all the time, and so just say Om ganges namah:.  The actual prayer is like.. om ganges ca yamuna ca.....svaha;  see, I can't remember, so I get by just showing my devotion using shorter phrases.  I know Shri Krishna sees my efforts, and I believe He appreciates it.

   Now days, I wear a devotional ring;  sometimes also, one string of decorative tulasi beads around my neck.  These things are more subtle, and when a co-worker or customer asks about these items at work, it gives me a chance to talk to them about our faith.


What do you do or could you do, to blend your devotional and work-a-day dress-style to satisfy your desire to keep Krishna Consciousness in your heart while working in the material world?

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  • Hare Krishna. I am new here as well as joined the group just a few ago when i read this thread i was so happy  that there are these great ways to Keep Krishna Consciousness while Navigating the Material world

    thanks so much i will e puting this method to use

    Hari Bol!

  • Hare Krishna,

    Well, when I decided to name my group "Plain clothes devotees", I merely meant that in an abstract and figurative sense, and not in a literal descriptive term. But you brought up a few good suggestions and thoughts for us all. Like you, I also wear my tulasi beads around my neck. I also wear various Krishna tee shirts on occasion. I also proudly display a couple of Krishna bumper stickers on my car. I also proudly display my Tilak on my Facebook profile pics as a way to identify myself with Hare Krishna. So yes, there are various things we can do  to blend your devotional and work-a-day dress-style to satisfy your desire to keep Krishna Consciousness in your heart while working in the material world.


    Thank you Prabhu,

    Hari Bol! 

    • Hare Krishna,  Kind of stumbled into this discussion.  My name is Rohini-suta dasa and I was thinking how everyday I take a book to read at work.  Lately I have been reading various books on the lives of  Catholic Saints so they fit right in down here in the Texas Bible Belt.  At other time I will take, for example, my Gita and put it into a zipper book cover (actually I bought it at a Christian book store as I noticed many Christians keep their Bibles protected in one) ...and when I can I read at work.  But that's the point, I read at work. Please visit my website www.ancientvedicradio.com  and enjoy the music and other devotional content.  Its all free.  Jai Radhe

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