Hare Krishna

please accept my humble obeisances

if u don't mind I can chant the water mantra

the mantra is:

         " Gange ca Yamune ca eba Godavari Saraswati Narmadey Sindhu Kaveri

           jale ashmin sannidhim kuru"

forgive my sin if i'm wrong

your servant

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  • Hi Debobrata! Hare Krishna and welcome to plain clothes devotees group!

    I don't mind you chanting mother ganga mantra at all. She comes straight down from the spiritual sky.

    That is a great contribution of yours. Why don't you see if you can find a Ganga Mantra on Youtube and then post it here

    for the rest of us to relish?  We appreciate and honor all contributions from our satsang. Your always welcome to experiment and share your inner revelations and concerns. 

    Your friend and fellow Satsanger, 

    Sriman John 

    George Harrison ~ Samsara Davanala ~ Prayers To The Spiritual Master


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