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"In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explained his involvement in the history of the humanity. There is a particular statement where he declared this, but it bring to question as to if Krishna exaggerated the claim or if he had some meaning which only He could explain. If someone tells us that he will come to us every time there is trouble, what does that mean on the practical end of things?

Will he come physically? Will he come physically some of the time and supernaturally some of the time? How do we know?

Whenever there is a decrease of righteousness, O son of the Bharata family, and when there is an increase of wickedness, then I show Myself. (4.7)

To protect the saintly people, to destroy the wicked ones, and to establish righteousness, I come into the visible existence from era to era. (4.8)

This is a tough sell because there is no evidence that Krishna appeared as he appeared in the time of Arjuna, after the time of the Kurukshetra battle. If we are to accept what he said at face value, what exactly does he mean by stating that he appears whenever there is a decrease in righteous conduct?

When there are wars, does Krishna appear as army commanders? When there is social injustice, does he appear as revolutionaries or social reformers?   "

I will make sure you answer satisfies his CURIOISTY..

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    G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) Almighty God... God the Creator... a Hindu God... an Indian god... a Christian god... be it any God personified... the Entity of GOD shall always remain ONE !!

    The Creator of the whole Cosmos is ONE. God Almighty is also ONE. God is that powerful entity of the cosmos which lies beyond the domain of Human beings God is ONE person. People call Him by different names but they are calling out to the same person. It is the same Krishna that the Christians are calling “God” and the Muslims are calling “Allah.”

    The Vedic scriptures clearly state that there is only one God, and his name is KRISHNA. But Krishna has many incarnations and so he is known with many names and descriptions. This is what confuses many people, including some Hindus

    So it is the same Absolute Truth. It is not that worshipping Krishna is worshipping the Absolute Truth and worshipping the God that Jesus is speaking of is not. NO !!. Worshiping the God of the Bible or Quran is worshipping Krishna, the same God, the same ABSOLUTE TRUTH


    LORD KRISHNA 5000 years ago Spoke GITA for the Entire Human RACE, Planet Earth was Then known as BHARATVARSHA, Having been Gradually Divided, modern India is Fractional Part of it that has Kept Spirituality Alive till DATE !!

    The Koran was created 1400 years ago. The Bible was created 2000 odd years ago. But the Bhagavad-Gita (Divine song of Lord) wasn’t created at some time point. It has always existed, it is ETERNAL !! and is not created by any Prophet but spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and only Lord of all the Living and subtle Entities Lord Krishna Himself For Entire HUMAN RACE !! not limited to specific Religion

    You might Ask When Religions did not exist, how did Humanity survive? The complete humanity survived due to Dharma- Sanatana Dharma!

    Sanatana Dharma, which means Cosmic Balance and righteousness, the Eternal or universal tradition, is the ancient and the actual name for what we today call the Hindu religion coined by Muslims and Britishers

    Nowhere in the Vedas, Puranas or any other religious text prior to 1830 AD are the terms `Hindu' or `Sanatana Dharma' used- Gita only talks about Duty (Dharma) and Action (Karma).

    I do not Believe in Religion, but if you talk about Religion then Pl understand that Hindusim is NOT a Religion, it is the practise of Spirituality by elevating Human Consciousness in the personal quest for truth. Its a way of Life (Sanatana Dharma- Eternal Law that governs all Action) Hinduism is a Spiritual Code- Know Thyself is the Quintessence.

    Hinduism is not anchored to any Single Prophet, book or historical revelation that can tie down the expanse of its vision. It does not subordinate the individual to an outer religious authority, but encourages everyone to discover the "Divine within their own awareness"

    Religions are simply ways of life- following of the enlightened masters of the various era! Every religion stems from an Enlightened master, never otherwise! Whenever one gains Enlightenment and Preaches the wisdom to the masses- one develops a following!

    All Enlightened ones like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed used their brain hundred percent! One who reaches the 8.4 millionth manifestation finally gains Omniscience for all practical purposes... becomes Immortal forever!

    God Almighty is not the form of Human beings, it is a cluster of pure celestial energy much beyond the comprehension of five senses and the mind- Krishna whose body is Spiritual (sac-cid-ananda=Eternal, Knowledge & bliss), is the cause of all causes and is the Supreme of all Gods

    The Absolute Truth, Krishna, can be realized in three phases:


    These aspects of the Absolute Truth are comparable to the Sunshine (All- Pervasive feature known as BRAHMAN), the Sun’s surface (Localized feature known as PARAMATMA), and the Sun planet (Bhagavan which is his Original, Personal and Transendental Form)—three different features of the same Reality.This is the Nature of GOD. Nature Of Krishna

  • Great-15Views and NO Answers !! seems All the Bhakts are SLEEPING !!! I HAD ALREADY GIVEN THE ANSWER WHICH I WILL SOON PASTE...

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