World makes me cry...

world makes me cry,
oh for sure it is because i did not try
tears in others with my heart and soul make dry
in the past, now only way cry and cry

i have feeling, for that i yearn
i want to assist and humble serve
but world is quite, with no tinge of awe
towards this small, unneeded & thrown

people call i am your father
also many as your sister or even mother
but still i feel i ve no shelter
cause i know time will blew them as easy as feather

oh i love! Ah! but should remain quite
in girl's body - my role is to be seemingly chaste
my heart cries oh how and when, but i've no right 
who cares? Of you - girl and of my pitiful plight???

for sure this poem is not about Krishna, 
nor of emotions of eternal world
simple! simple! oh who will listen this inane?
only tears hope will wash my pains

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