There are times, Krishna...

There are times, Krishna,
When life takes its toll on me.
Crazed, in panic, I look around,
But only darkness I can see.

There are times, Krishna,
When my limbs feel tired and sore.
Pain and despair flood my mind,
And my heart, even more.

There are times, Krishna,
When I’m too exhausted to cry.
I sit back in helpless resignation,
And wait for life, to pass me by.

There are times, Krishna,
I feel you’ve forsaken me.
Other than to end this meaningless life,
No other course, I see.

But during those times, Krishna,
A quiet voice scorns me,
That while I forget You constantly,
You’re always there for me.

There are times, Krishna,
When I dare to fantasize,
To lay my head on your lap,
And close my teary, weary eyes.

There are times, Krishna,
When you must tire of my tears,
But who else but You, my beloved Friend, Krishna,
Can allay my ache and fears?

Perhaps, to these times, Krishna,
I must owe a lot,
For in these rainy days I think of You,
And in sunshine, I do not.

But there are times, Krishna,
When only sorrow fills my life,
So I beg of You, shamelessly as ever,
Deliver me from this strife.

Or bring me such a time, Krishna,
When true Knowledge I shall find.
For then the agents of misery,
Shall cease to wound my mind.

Better still, by your Mercy, Krishna,
If pure Bhakti I attain,
Then matter not, t’will to me,
Whether there’s sun or rain.

For that’ll be the time, Krishna,
When Time Himself withdraws from me,
And smiles at my eternal blissful state,
In Your service…and loving company.

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  • Excellent. your pure heart is reflected in this poem. i am so inspired by this poem. it kind of mirrors my own feelings.

    thank you for posting. sita devi dasi


  • Radhe Radhe prabuji..........Beautiful poem...........Sri krsna's Grace is with you ........Please Keep on posting the beautiful poem...................Hari bollll.............Radhe Radhe...................
    • Beautifully written...

      No words to express the beauty!!

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