The Last Train to Bhogapol

Namaste and Hare KrishnaThe following English bhajan is about a down in his luck guy who has a vision of his own death after his train bound for "Bhogapol", India, breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Realizing there would be no help coming for seven days, passengers start to head west for help, but "Lucky Guy" as he was often known decides he wants no part of that crowd, he always fancied himself special from the rest even though he was basically a pauper, and so he heads south instead but is soon lost in the desert and close to death. Or he thought. His fear of his own demise was more a panic filled self-pity of his own mind taking over his senses. In the end, he survives his own undoing, when by chance a bullock cart with 5 Hare Krishna devotees is passing by while on a sankirtan party to Bhogapol and rescue him. The first thing he heard as they were approaching was their loud chanting and kirtan from the cart. Was it by chance he was saved, or an act of the Lord? Though a metaphor of life meant to be both sad and humorous at the same time, it is based on the true story of another. The inane struggles of life are reflected in the seemingly endless misadventures of the "Lucky Guy", yet ever near is Krishna as Gopala in his heart, that true happiness is ever near and easy. No train ever arrives in "Bhogapol". But in the end, the devotees arrive even in the desert and bring the "Lucky Guy" true happiness."Bhakta Brian's" bhajan No. 7, it is accompanied by guitar, each 3 lines of the primary bhajan singer followed by the background chorus of "Gopal" (the name of Krishna) by the devotees singing the accompany, from 1976, "The Last Train to Bhogapol"The Last Train to BhogapolI coat myshoulderswith a shawl,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI eventook myparasol,Gopal,GO-PA-LAIn tiredslippersmade of jute,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI stepped outto theworld of fools,Gopal,GO-PA-LA90rupeesin my purse,Gopal,GO-PA-LANot enoughtobuy a Hearse,Gopal,GO-PA-LAJustmasala pan,and a fourth class fare,Gopal,GO-PA-LAOn asplintered benchthey called my chair,Gopal,GO-PA-LABoard the traintoBhogapol,Gopal,GO-PA-LA1000 milesfromGanga Jal,Gopal,GO-PA-LAHalf way therethetrain broke down,Gopal,GO-PA-LA12 milesfrom somedacoit town,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI looked around,nocup of chai,Gopal,GO-PA-LAA flake of sandblewin my eye,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI called forpani,no reply,Gopal,GO-PA-LAA viperslowlyminger'd by,Gopal,GO-PA-LAThe portercried"stay in place",Gopal,GO-PA-LA"Helpwill soon beon the way!",Gopal,GO-PA-LA"They'll first dropcoirto Old Bombay",Gopal,GO-PA-LA"Then be heresoon as7 days",Gopal,GO-PA-LAThe desperatestartedwalking west,Gopal,GO-PA-LASomewith babiesto their breast,Gopal,GO-PA-LABuzzardshitchhikedon their backs,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI searched Southforlemon grass,Gopal,GO-PA-LAThat weed isfull ofsweet parley,Gopal,GO-PA-LABut I lostone slipperon the way,Gopal,GO-PA-LAOne shoe onandone shoe gone,Gopal,GO-PA-LAA feverburnedthe desert sun,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI turnedaround,I was alone,Gopal,GO-PA-LAAn awfulfearran through my bones,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI thoughtmyselfthe coup d'état,Gopal,GO-PA-LAWhen did Ilose myparasol?Gopal,GO-PA-LAI threw myshawlto the side,Gopal,GO-PA-LAThe cold nightbrought aheartless bride,Gopal,GO-PA-LAThe laughingmorningset aside,Gopal,GO-PA-LAThe last redpennyof my pride,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI once wasknown as"Lucky Guy",Gopal,GO-PA-LALuckyenoughto just survive,Gopal,GO-PA-LABut nowmy luckseems high and dry,Gopal,GO-PA-LAThe wishingwellis bucket dry,Gopal,GO-PA-LAOne annaleft,nothing to buy,Gopal,GO-PA-LARam Nam Satya HaiGopal,GO-PA-LARam Nam Satya HaiGopal,GO-PA-LAMirages dancebeforemy eyes,Gopal,GO-PA-LAWhose stretcherwas thatpassing by?Ram!Nam!Satya Hai!Whose liesas stiffas a railroad tie?Ram!Nam!Satya Hai!In andout ofdreams that crawl,Gopal,GO-PA-LAAcross alandscapeturned to salt,Gopal,GO-PA-LABut whatis thatI see afar?Gopal,GO-PA-LASankirtanand abullock cart!Gopal,GO-PA-LAFrom the distantcomesa sound,Gopal,GO-PA-LAHareKrishna,Hare RamGopal,GO-PA-LAHareKrishna,Hare RamGovinda,GO-PA-LAThey calledto me,Hari BolGO-VIN-DA,Hari BolThe dusty sandturnedshades of gold,Govinda,GO-PA-LAThe burning skyturned whiteas snow,Jaya Radhe,Hari BolBehind their eyes,a premaglowed,Hari, Hari, Hari BolOf all the smilesthe best ofall,Gopal,GO-PA-LAWas foundno placeparticular at all,Gopal,GO-PA-LAI guess the writingwason the wall,GO-VIN-DA,GO-PA-LADestinywasBeckons call,GO-VIN-DA,GO-PA-LAI boughtmy ticketafterall,GO-VIN-DA,GO-PA-LAThat last traintoBhogapolGopala,GO-VIN-DAGauranga,sankirtan -Hare KrisnaHare RamHare KrishnaHare Ram

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