OK, I suppose i will start with some of my poems to see if I can begin some activity. These are four sonnets, and in each one, the first letter of each line spells out the subject. As you will see, I have only just started writing, so feel free to give me advice...

To Radharani’s Feet

Radharani, Your eyes are sparkling gems,
And poems can hardly describe You fairly
Dare I try to write You a sonnet then?
Humbly, I dedicate this ode to Thee
Awkwardly I write, for nothing on this
Rotten planet can I compare with your
Attractiveness, or power to give Krsna bliss-
No-one else does he appreciate more.
I beg for your blessings and mercy sweet,
So that I, a fallen lad, can begin
Forever to serve your two lotus feet.
Eventually, I’ll be free from my sin.
Eager to serve You, Your flag I’ll always fly,
Till, hopefully chanting, the day I die.


No one could stop You, Oh Nrsimhadeva,
As towards Your dear devotee You rushed,
Red eyes ablaze, restless Your burning gaze,
A terrible sight to onlookers hushed.
Still bloodied from Your lethal rampages;
Roars fill the sky, news of Your victory,
Indeed, assembled devas and sages
Narrate prayers from behind Your devotee.
Gory garlands from the tyrants middle
Adorn Your massive, awesome golden chest,
Divine wrath incarnate, yet merciful,
Ever preotecting those whom You love best.
Vanquish our doubts, Oh Lord, keep safe our hearts,
And please, please guard, our faith from Maya’s darts.

Param Vijayate (still needs some work)

Pride, envy, illusion, lust, anger, greed –
All are vanquished almost entirely,
Removed from our hearts, replaced by a seed,
And the fruit of this seed? Of course Bhakti!
Millions have sung the maha mantra,
Verily they will all reach perfection!
It’s kirtan sung publicly with joy, or
Japa, softer  - solemn,  with attention.
All my fellow kirtaneers can tell you,
Yes they’ve all often experienced this,
Absorbed, enraptured, oblivious to
Time passing by, there is no greater bliss!
Ecstatically, please always with me say,
Sri Krsna sankirtanam is the way!

Jaya Prabhupada

Joyfully, expertly, enchantingly,
Always persevering, never tired,
You flooded the world with divine mercy
And saved us, from Maya’s meshes mired.
Prabhupada! How can I understand you?
Regal yet selfless, - I feel just helpless,
Awed, indebted, awkward; just trying to
Be worthy, to get Krishna consciousness.
How you inspired all who saw your grace,
Understood your words, read your divine books –
Protected by your wisdom, they still face
All obstacles, in saving Kali’s crooks.
Despite your seeming absence, you are here –
A benediction moon, ending all fear.

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