Tired of its gossips, mundane talks,

Tired of its pains, dirts and sadly moods,

Costly fruits, too many cars and motors,

Oh I am tired of this world’s crazy grooves.


Tired of cheaters, and being cheated;

Tired of boys who appear but leave and get lost

Lusty visions all over, manly greed

Oh I am tired of passion of this world


Tired of its heavy foods,

Long lasting diseases and low quality goods

Heavy body which daily ages

Oh I am tired of this world’s painful hugs


Relationships don’t last long and warm

Happiness only knows to come and go

Fear, anxiety, betray and so called timely love

Oh I am tired of this world’s such brow


Oh Hari! Please hear me Lord begging You!

I am in ardent sea of my own dew

I left my home and took shelter on You!

Oh, please downpour Your quarter be it’s not Your due!





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