Wish You live happy & long!

Loving Krishna and longing for Him!

Wish You have good chance to serve,

To Devotees, Guru & Sri Krishna Chaitanya!

‘cause it is our nature; it fills us with joy!


Oh Vaishnav - jewel of our lives!

I cry in prayers – may You live long!

Param param yad vipadam – it is this world,

But where Your feet land – turn the place in Vaikuntha as if a touch stone!


Please be among us! Make us full of life!

Dry up our tears of birth, disease, old age and death!

By giving knowledge of Your Love – Sri Gour Govinda,

Supreme Personality of Godhead – Who’s Feet are only shelter for all!


Pray You live long! Pray You live long! Pray You live long!

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