O Krishna...Deliver me!

Those dark clouds return, just as before,
That drench me in gloom, for it’s only fair,
That the dues of my Karma, I must eternally pay,
But they are harsh and severe…so hard to bear!

These waves of pain, they overwhelm me,
Drowning me in sorrow, no recourse I see.
In my anguish, I scream for help,
But I find only loneliness, mocking at me!

Condemned by my Past, forsaken by my Future,
The sordid Present that sentences me.
My limitless sins, they’ve found me out,
I resign to fate, there’s no hope for me.

I look skywards and glimpse those fortunate souls,
The Devotees, Your most dearest Friends,
My pitiful condition espied, They exhort to me,
“Chant His Holy Name, He’ll set you free!”

I begin to cry, Your Name aloud,
‘Hare Krishna, HARE KRISHNA’, I scream to thee...
Not from devotion, the shame of me,
But to free myself of misery!

And soon I see, in the midst of my ruin,
You descending, Your Effulgent, Glorious self!
A gentle, loving smile, Your Face adorns,
Tears of remorse, gratitude stain my face.

Your compassionate glance dispels my grief,
I beg to Thee, Krishna, please deliver me,
Of this treacherous world, I’ve had my fill.
Its joys no longer enamor me.

O Glorious Vaishnavas, All Hail to thee!
For from You, those Glorious Words, I’ve learnt to say,
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare!

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