I am not a body but a soul.

By nature i meant to serve to my Love 

That One - Original Man in sky like World! 

Who never die and never get old!

For few years of life i searched long

for the boys thinking i'll get married & live life along

Seems i wasted my energy and years

But now i know! My true wishes and goals!

Girl and boy fell in love and there is marriage,

sometimes girls are married out of force

lacs of rupees and pure golds

in the backside parents work like dogs

Goal was happiness, but still

after 5 or 6 months they really feel

"why? got married to this fat bull?"

"oh! life is wasted! how i was fool!"

3 times cooking! Rice, dhal, countless rotis

Day after day the same thing again!

I may try to do it for Deity at home,

But no! Now I must bear fruits of "Honey moon"

Child cries, tearful chanting!

Not for Krishna but 'cause of suffering!

Lack of money, wife yields "Why?"...

Making husband to run anyhow somewhere... 

Oh Govinda should I yearn for this?

If You allow, If You me bless!

Let me live not life but sacrifice!

Controlling urges by Your divine grace!

Reply of my Gurudev for this fool
'You are soul that is for sure!'
But in the age of Kali not so cool
to be alone especially for a young girl

'accept Krishna as Your Beloved'
'deep inside within your heart!'
'but sacrifice for you is to follow'
'a Devotee husband keeping chastity vow!'

Yes to cook in heat June and May
wash, clean and bare pains that may appear 
are true sacrifice for a soul
who is now in female material form'

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