Kirtan Forever!

This Kirtan makes me to turn in circle
Fly to the sky and smile for the full extent
This Kirtan makes me light makes me jump
makes me happy so that again & again i loudly shout

Sound of mridanga enters to both of my ears
karatals intensify our singing of Names
Mangala Arati, Tulasi Puja, then 8 verses
Oh these mornings! Let them be forever in process!

Around 3 sleep is good but i kick it away
'cause i want a pleasure higher to previous
taking bath, putting tilak and in saree i run to the Temple
To be seen by Gopinath and to offer to Him my prayer

Srila Prabhupada! All of my other Gurus!
Thanking You for giving me life! Giving me chance to live forever!
I can't repay, i do not have enough treasure!
But at least beg You to accept my whole life for Your pleasure!

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  • Beautiful Poem Miral ji :)   Excellent!!


    Here is mine for you


    I wish I was a Brhmachari(ni) at RadhaGopinath Mandir

    I wish I was a Brhmachari(ni) at RadhaGopinath Mandir

    to participate in loud kirtans for ever

    to dance in circles

    to do chores in groups

    under perfect spiritual master

    don't mind to sleep on the floor

    to wear rags upon the corpse

    oh oh my sweet lord, oh oh my sweet lord Radha Gopinath....


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