I am in Love!

I am in love with the service I got today,
With saints around, who pains blew away
In love with early mornings, loud sound of a conhshell
I am in love with the first Darshan, oh I am fortunate soul!

I am in love with the smile of a bluish God!
In love with the compassion of His Beloved
Three bending Form, curly hair, beautiful eyes
Oh I am in love with my life which i am living nowadays

In love with the sound of a mridanga and caratal
tik taka taka tak! Which played for the pleasure of the Lord.
Hearing which with joint palms to parampara I offer pranam
I am in love with sining 'Vande Guroh shri charanaravindam!'

Then we sing Maha Mantra Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ...
I am in love with that cry but do not know the reason why
In love with wishes i do for all "May You be Happy & have future bright!"
Oh i am in love with that i own none, what to speak of my own life!

I am in love with giving up material wishes
Oh how free I feel when i do such decisions!
No matter what happiness & distress will come
Let me not spend my life for those, but get ready to go back Home

In love with dancing, higher and higher i want to fly
Holding up my hands, with prayers: "My Lord, engage me with Your service!"
I am in love! Two wings I have now!
Hare! Hare! Hare! How sweet it is life when You are in love!!!

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