Bear me please, Gopinath!

Today i cry: 'Lord, will You now kick me away?
From Your Devotees? Your home? am i free? where i will fly?
Days & nights i'll weep; become weak & deep into material world
If You me let go...if You me neglect from now onward

No need for me for huge wealth & hell with fame, glory!!!
No need for me for huge home & prestige of this world!
Simple want, yearn to be a servant of these Devotees
Devotees of Chowpatty; If needed for many, many lives!

I have my friends; i have my sisters & brothers;
My mothers, fathers....will i leave them? Tears in eyes...
We dance for You, sing, cook, live life for You
Will You now kick me far; Oh no! It is so cruel!

Oh dear One! Oh Lotus eyed One! Oh, One with Sweet Name!
Oh Bhakta Vatsala! Oh Govinda! Oh dear Patita Pavana! Please hear!
Again i shed tears; shower Your causeless mercy! One life time bear!
Your tiny, useless child; Your insignificant one whose heart is full of fear!

Tightly holding lotus like Feet of Yours, again i pray!
Washing them with my tears again i say:
'Please, let me wash pots, sweep the floors, make garlands out of mogra flowers...
Allow me forever to hold up my arms, sing & dance for You among Your dear Ones!

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  • Very nice poem Maral ji. Heart melting one.

    May Lord Gopinath bestow all you desire to your heart fullest content.

    I hope I get an opportunity to serve you.


    Your Humble Servant,


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