All blessings to Prabhu Modi!

Happy for You India so HAPPY today!!!
From now onwards life to cows demons away!
We will fight this ignorance with our swords being very brave!
Because now India has pious Kshatriya courageous ruler!


Long life will be yours oh Prabhu Modi!
I heard your plans, pray they bring to India much glory!
Present India is a heart of Mother Earth!
So let's remove her pains which we gave her for many years!


You will be loved, you will be blessed!

If you honor brahmana cult; protect your dependents!
You will be supported! You will be saved!
If you rule according to Vedas which are from God!


Long life you'll live, generations 'll remember your name!
Please rule now honestly not caring of false fame!
Vaishnavas bless you! means your life is perfect!
'cause of their mercy you'll be empowered by Achyut


Again saying loudly: 'oh India, i'm so happy for You!'
Also calling all Indians all over this land not only few!
Let's tighten our belts! Come in front to the battle field!
For fighting this lust and western dirty cult!


Let's give life! To ancient wisdom!
Which we forgot giving to this mind freedom!
Sense enjoyment is away! That'll us destroy that'll us degrade!
Now with tears of braveness I stand ready for God's grace!


All glories to You India! All glories! that is from my heart!
If You become perfect, You ll make other like that!
Let's save cows and true bhagavata dharma!
In this way let go miserable adharma!

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