In a dilemma....Please help me

Hare Krsna  to all Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisance,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupad,

I am getting married in few weeks.. My husband is based in Singapore. His job profile is kind of touring..

In a month, he will be away from home for at least 15 days that too traveling to different countries. At that time I would be alone at home. Being a totally new place as well as country for me... I am a bit scared as to how Ill be spending this time alone.

My husband insisted on doing some part-time job to spend  time fruitfully but here too I am hesitant as the place is new and in his absence I fear harassing if any by unruly miscreants. I also feel that if I go to work outside, Ill need to mingle with men, they may call for a coffee, eating out in restaurants at times even to their home.( as per my previous job experience).This is not ethical and I wish to maintain my faithfulness and chastity by all means.

He being on tour, I want  him to trust me completely.

Dear Matajis, please give me your valuable suggestions as I am confused as how to act.


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  • I am sorry for being to the point and bringing hard facts but you have to give love and respect to yourself as well. Otherwise after few years w

    e women end up thinking ..I wish I had taken care of myself marriage is a healthy partnership 8.....not a place. a place were u surrender all your help and suport . Please be practical. Do take care of your spiritual, emotional and physical.please practice pranayama for physical health. Be happy krishna devotee...hare krishna :)

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    Dear Mataji, 

    You might be tired of me, but still want to say something so that Your disturbances go away.

    I understand You, because You were not living life independently without Your parents future changes seem to You strange. It is true.

    And it is ok. 

    Please no matter what know that Krishna is Your only true Friend. No matter how much other people do for us won't be enough for us and we won't be satisfied but only Krishna's association will give solace to our heart.


    Now other things, try to be ready for good days and for bad also. Family life is good things are mixed with bad things - difficult things. We took birth on Earth planet for giving our debts. If we had huge amount of pious deeds then we would go to Heaven but we did not have that so we are here. And here full happiness is not possible.

    But still for a woman marriage life is the safest ashram. So You are fortunate among many of us.

    Just learn to face future also, do not be so much disturbed.  

    Do not think much and imagine things so much. 

    Just learn to cook and how to serve properly to Your husband...washing, nice cooking, cleaning, arranging house...then kids...please let's forget of our own comforts for some time and accept that marriage life is meant for serving to other person and making him or her happy!
    Only that marriage will be successful. 


    other things i wrote to You on Your massage box already.

    Your servant, 

    • NHare krishna mataji,  well I can and want to speak the truth...the situation u r in..u  in practical terms will be lonely among strangers. So u will have to make will not have family, extended family and neighbour to share yor daily life and get support from. I don't know you educational bac

      kground. ? Even if u have to go to work..u will all by yourself unlike india where u have other family member's and domestic help.

      The most crucial stage is when u will have becomes lonely and difficult. So please take practical steps to have enough suppor and help from family. The key will be communication between you andyour hhusband. Please always explain and discuss your worries with him. Make sure he knows how you feel.with time make an arrangement where he can be at home and support properly and actually contribute to family life. Him coming home and being served and then going off to work ...u being left behind on your own is not very practical and ideal please be practical and think about the situation from your point of view.krishna has put you in this situation so may he give you all the support, friends and strength to be peaceful and happy. I agree with u serving but he will have to reciprocate too and this is possible when he understands what situation he has put u in. You should not be hesitant to explain ypYour worries. I wish u a happy married life...hari bol 

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