I had the good fortune and pleasure to have met this incredible ISKCON Artist way back in 1988, or so. I was introduced to her at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Mandir Temple in Brooklyn New York, as she was there for some purpose or another. We had a lovely little chat about Art, KRSNA, and such. Being as I am an artist, and knew a lot about art history and such, I knew that I was in the presence of a great, great contemporary artist and visionary. ISKCON owes a great deal to this humble devotee, for her ceaseless outpouring of creative genius all dedicated fully to Srila Prabhuapada and Lord Krishna.

Please take a few minutes to view this wonderful website and video of this inspiring spiritual artist.

Hare Krishna/Hari Bol!



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  • Jadurani Dasi was in Los Angleles when I joined in 76, Prabhupada had authorized that she could give morning class and lead kirtan which she did. Mukunda also came to Los Angeles shortly after as well. I was present when Srila Prabhupada came to LA in June of 76 for 10 days

    • Dear Prabhuji,


      All I can say is wow!!! To have been there in the early days when Prabhupada was with us! I am greatly honored and humbled by your response to my discussion. 


      Thank you for your friendliness 


      Haribol :) 

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