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  • OM,

    "As The Sky is' filled with Vishnu, and this Earth is filled with Vishnu, let our hearts be filled with Vishnu and our sins will be destroyed" poem for inneshel purafacation , employed-before begining one's mantea meditations. 

    OM TAT SAT" is the mantra employed to.close one's MantraMedatations" as I was instructed by Srela Ramishvar's multi -time #1 place/choice Hare Krishna (Sandeago) Bhakti Training program. Some many 20 or 30 years ago. Ji Pahnahms tword everyOne chanting or considering taking up the task of Chanting The Mah'ha Mantrah. All glory and All victory will Simultaneously & be you'rs Spontaneously if you follow just a vary Few, Simplistic protocols Such as those That I will attempt to remember & share as I was instruted and as I have personally Summised as a result of my many years of introspective experience. Good lock everyone. Please understand-* that my/this sharing of these most confidential understandingsit is prompted purly by my Glee and elation that has come from/ or has been derived from the "Articulit pratice of carefully concisely repeating those Three names, and their inspiering results. As I see it- SanKiertan & Jappa medditations although simmuler in many was, such as (they both have the purafying and liborating-Holy Names at their Core and as their essences. Thay in my obsorvation*/ direct experience' differ in many very profound was. As I Summise them, listen to some examples and deside if you degree with my experience.-Jappa    Jappa, - Krishna exalted Joppa-Specifically as Hi's very-self within the (BG) when asked by Ar'jun'nah on the battlefields of Kuru'set'trah "Krishna How are you to be knowen in this world/realm"?                    He, Krishna, indicated that jappa is the Suppermost (Sacrafice)/ offoring, of (generosity) & Sri Velosa prahbu'gi said that "in Hi's understanding, gennerosaty is the most fruitful of sacrifices. So joppah therefore, (unlike) Congragational or group chanting which is more like an Oceanic TSUNAMI putting all things & beings in ahWash, as does Bhakti Savah i.e. Manuel Temple Labor which is of a dominant more forceful natuer of liborating-purrafying- persuasions in their affects. One might say' I my synopsis* that "public Congragatiinal Group-Chanting is like-unto the army of God going out into the Society of miscreant undissaplend darrahlicks & forcefully, Yet Subtly (Baptizing) them in the Holy Spirit like (Jesus C)& by Repentance & forgiveness like John the Baptist, through a forced but Subtal separation from their Carronal attachments. Like a Millatary movement or like (Sava) physical labor for ISKCON Congragational Chanting and (Sava/physical service) dedicated to the ashra- are (relativly *Hard"Work!)                  Jappa however, is a/the culture or cultivation of LOVE FOR GOD within one's own heart and mind and for Subtlely* attracting God's Own, Santchent  Loving awairness of our owm-personal* intimate, good and honourable intentions to puraphy one's self both gradually or at-once (as God chooses) & It, Joppa's meanings are many but manly- how may I serve you GOD, your missions & sincear-servents, also as in my case "Om ah'gon'nah' Tim'ah'nun'dus'cha'jhun'nun'jah'nuncilla'ki' yah, tus'mi'Sri Gurudave nahmah'ha." Because I was born into the darkness of ignorance O'God please devise a way to have/convence your own Scholarly Representatives instruct me"                    this is the Hail Mary* or- the desperit meaning Jappa meditations. I.e. O dear-God, at last I have exhausted all of my. Meager- Resources and faculties in my efforts to conferm myself my ego & my pride and personal abilities as important features in you'r endless eternal & endlessly diverse creation only to ultimately sercome to the grefe and currulty of my true karmic results.       Please protect me please defend me please teach me. and Please Forgive all of  my egotistic karmic-impersonal neglect, because before now I was Simply  faced with the fact that beside a fool's pride was all I was faced with to offer you!        One might argue that Krishna is not the only Divine Athority cappable of diminstrating Love & Causless compassion. However,      as I see it, it is The Head God KRISHNA, only who is teaching how to Love & serve Him & all of Hi's creations, to eradicate all karmas i.e. acimplish (A) carma. Or zero karma. All that you do, all that you say, all that you eat, offer or give away Should be offered as a sacrafice onto Vishnu, & in this way haven been freed from the complexadies of the karmas at you'r bodie's end you will return to Vishnu'' this statment by KRISHNA in the (BG) indicating the Highest formula for an imbodyid being way of directing the directions of their souls travels & of acomplishing one's highest potential of evolution for the Soul. "The Ressapy for acomplishing the Salvation of the Soul. In a single verce! Ji KRISHNA JI All glory All Victory ✌ to all the assimbaled Hare Krishna Vishnu/Rama bhakties. Prahnahms. You all may Rest assured that my dialogs regarding the glory & the absolute pertanence of chanting The Holy Names of Krishna & Hare & Rahma and Chanting/. pronouncing them properly is my pleasher and pastime, I have been given up to 10'000 years. To persuade other's intrested in resighting the Poem that is the Song that is the salvation of all chonchus souls all beings & all things Joppa is God, indeed All Head Gods of good and rightchus intinchins & it is our only (potentuel for porforming service) our only duty perscribed for us by God Himself & our only opportunity to demonstrate properly* our intentions to address them & Hi's creations respectfully.                              I for one believe in Jappa* as the seed the root & the tree of the imprizend inpovorished soul's salvation.        I.e.           The Ultimet success of This Hare* Krishna movement are relient upon and also cappabal of failing without properly respecting the potancy of the Vibration of Sound created when chanting.                 This -One Word,)- "HA'RI PRONOUNCED (HA'RAY)  or ha're & this' the ultimate movement it's self as well as any Access at all to God Himself are reliant upon this ONE WORD.  However, that is what I am hear to explane to you* the most intelligent and truly* the only would be, savyours of this world with' truly the potentuel, to do so!                                        So' as you may well know, my highest possable honor is Serving you. The children of Hare


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