Q. What qualification should a chanter of the Holy Names of Krishna possess ?

A. One should have the following symptoms in order to constantly chant the holy names of Krishna:-

1. Humility.
2. Compassion.
3. Freedom from envy.
4. Freedom from false pride.
5. The willingness to offer respects to everyone.
( Commentary on Shikshashtakam, verse, 3.)

MESSAGE: Dandavat and pranam dear devotees. Hare Krishna. More questions and answers will be added on this page at the bottom. Take care, bye.

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    Q.  7.  Is there any direct proof that sadhu-sanga brings auspiciousness ?
    A.       By observing a devotee`s pure characteristics, in a short time a
              person`s mind is changed, his attachment for sense enjoyment
              decreases, and the seedling of bhakti sprouts in the heart. One
              gradually develops a taste for the Vaishnavas` food and behaviour.
              (Sajjana Tosani  11/11).
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    Q.  6.  How many ways are there to cultivate hearing ?
    A.       There are three ways to cultivate hearing.
              a.  To hear about scriptures.
              b.  To hear about the holy names and topics of the Lord.
              c.  To hear devotion-filled discourses.
               (Shri Caitanya-Shikshamrta  3/2).
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    Q.  5.  What is special about the name Krishna ?
    A.       The holy name Krishna is the Lord`s eternal name that attracts
              everyone toward His ecstatic love and reveals His supreme existence.
              (Brahma-samhita  5/3).
  • Very nice Mataji.

    Yes humility is the key. In fact that leads one to develop the other qualities like "freedom from envy", "freedom from pride", "willingness to offer respects to everyone" etc.


    Hare krishna maathaaji,

    Really excellent.


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    Q.  4.  What is the root of a living entity`s original nature ?
    A.     Nature is born from association. One`s nature is determined
            according to one`s association. The faith that a living entity
            develops by living out the karma of his previous
            life`s association is changed by the association he has in his
            present life. Therefore, association is the root cause of
            a living entity`s nature. 
           ( Sajjana Tosani  15/2).
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    Q. 3.  What is humility ?
    A.     I am a servant of Krishna. I am poor and do not possess anything.
             Krishna is my all-in-all. This is humility.
             ( Jaiva Dharma, ch. 8 ).
  • Volunteer
    Q. 2.  What mentality should a devotee maintain ?
    A.      A devotee should always maintain humility within the heart.
             ( Shri Bhagavatarka Marici Mala). 
    • Sevak
      A devotee should always be humble and see that the Lord is present in everyone's heart.
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