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Pranam dearest devotee. Hare Krishna.
1. Why judge people ? They are who they are and we are
who we are. Why not judge ourselves ? This is better.
2. We can observe regularly what thoughts we entertain in the mind
and judge whether they are bad thoughts or pure thoughts.
3. We can also observe regularly what feelings we have in our consciousness
and see if they are feelings of envy, jealousy, grudge, malice, hate,
or feelings of goodness, humility, kindness, generosity and love.
4. So, we should love people instead of judging them.
5. Pray to Lord Krishna to bless them, to protect them, to shower His mercy
upon them, to fill their life with peace and love; patience and perseverance;
appreciation and gratefulness; simplicity and humility and kindness
and generosity. And you can think of more things to ask the Lord to
bless them with.
With love and best wishes.
Take care, bye.

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    Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
    1. If you are over-weight, you may suffer in many ways.
    2. People may call you bad names.
    3. You may face prejudice because of your over-weight.
    4. Sufferings you may have to endure because of your
     over-weight may be physical pain, emotional pain,
    feelings of shame, feelings of regret, and 
    feelings of insecurity.
    5. It may be difficult to identify and acknowledge the
    nature and depth of your suffering.
    You may not want to deal with it.
    You may want to suppress it.
    6. Before you can bring about change to your weight,
    you should understand the reasons. Look deeply
    into the reasons that you are over-weight.
    7. Then determine what course of action you can take
    to attain a healthy weight.
    To be continued.........
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
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    Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
    1. If you are over-weight, you will observe pains in
    certain parts of your body, like your knees,
    your feet, your back. Your feet may become swollen.
     2. Your blood pressure may rise. You may have
    problem with your breathing, like, for example,
    when you walk up and down stairs. You may feel
    short of breath. It shows that you need exercise.
    3. Walking is very good. Try to walk
    at your own pace, a little each day, and easy easy,
    you will be able to walk further on, and you  should
    continue walking each day. As for pains like your knees,
    and feet, massage it daily with oil, and if you have
    pain in your back, then get someone to give you
    a back massage every day. It will help.
    To be continued..........
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
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    Pranam dearest devotee. Hare Krishna.
    1. We consume or ingest not only with the mouth,
    but also with the eyes, the ears, the consciousness.
    2. People who read violent books, are consuming violence.
    3. People who see violent plays and films are consuming
    4. People who plays violent games are consuming violence.
    5. People who eat in  places where food are prepared fast in
        a hurried and angry manner are ingesting violence.
    6. If you listen to people speaking with violence in their
        language, you are also consuming violence.
    7. People who eat meat are also consuming violence.
       The animal has been killed. Violence has been done
        to the animal.
    8. All this violence that you take in your system will affect
        your consciousness. You will become angry and violent.
       So be care what you imbibe, what you ingest, what you eat,
        what you consume.
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
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      Dandavat pranam Mataji, this is a true and powerful message, many thanks, Hare Krishna.

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    Pranam dearest devotee. Hare Krishna.
    1. When a person speaks to you in anger and bitterness,
    it means that the person is suffering deeply.
    2. The person may complain and blame you for his/her
    3.  You may find it very difficult to listen the person.
    You may even try to avoid the person.
    4.  However, you should show compassion to the person.
    5.  Be very alert, listen carefully to what the other person
    is saying and listen with compassion and use only loving
    words to the person.
    6.  Deep listening and kind words will help a lot.
    7. Sit down quietly and listen with compassion in your heart,
    and allow the other person to say whatever he/she has to say.
    8. By being a good listener, the other person will be relieved
    of a lot of suffering.
    9. All you have to do is listen carefully with all your attention, 
    with your ears, your eyes,your body, your mind.
    10. Listen deeply, but remember NOT to judge the person
    or blame the person. Just listen deeply with compassion
    and speak kind, loving words in return. By doing so, you
    will help the person transform his/her anger and suffering.
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
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    Concerning husband and wife:-
    1. Be obedient to your husband.
    2. Be faithful and loyal to him.
    3. Protect your honour and chastity.
    4. Love your husband.
    5. Value his association.
    6. Safeguard the property of your husband.
    7. Keep the home clean and tidy.
    8. Treat your wife well.
    9. Provide for her what she needs according to your means.
    10. Do not be stingy.
    11. Be kind and loving to your wife.
    12. Be tolerant of her faults.
    13. Forgive her mistakes.
    14. Value her association.
    15. Protect her and care for her.
    16. Teach her Krishna Consciousness.
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