"Just like when a soldier is serving under the order of his commander, the commander is supposed to take on the responsibility. At least as long as the commander is ordering something 'within the law'.So, the GURU is ordering something, which is bonafide and is according to the scriptures. If he says something crazy like, "everyone commit suicide", he is NOT a Guru because the scriptures says that you should never commit suicide.So it's not like what some people think that Guru is a dangerous cult, that all Gurus are going to tell everybody like Jones did, to do crazy things. That can't happen if people really know the philosophy.In the Vedic culture these type of crazy things did not happen because they are trained that one only follows a Guru as long as he doesn't go against the scriptures and against the previous Gurus.As long as he is giving us a bonafide instruction, which at face value is a bonafide thing, he is giving us an instruction for our spiritual benefit that we should follow.HH Jayapataka SwamiLecture19th December 2007Avataridesh

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