The Worship of Srimati Tulasi-devi. PART 1.

For devotees aspiring to enter the eternal realm of Vrindavan, service to Vrinda-devi is essential. Srila Prabhupada stressed this by making Tulasi puja a daily part of our morning program. Tulasi-devi is an expansion of Vrinda-devi in this world. Every morning we pray to Vrinda-devi:"ye tomara sarana loy tara vancha purna hoy krpa kori koro tare vrndavana-vasi""Whoever takes shelter of you, all his desires are fulfilled and by your mercy he becomes a resident of Vrndavana."Srimati Tulasi-devi is worshiped in the morning, after mangala-arati, when all the devotees should attend to her worship and circumambulation. First, obeisances are offered to Tulasi-devi with the Tulasi pranama mantra. Following, the Tulasi-puja-kirtana song is sung while Tulasi-devi is offered incense, a ghee lamp, and flowers. When the song is finished, the assembled devotees circumambulate Tulasi-devi four times, offering her water. During the circumambulation we are chanting the mantra: yani kani ca papani brahma-hatyadikani ca / tani tani pranasyanti pradaksinah pade pade. Finally, we again offer obeisances with the Tulasi pranama mantra.

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