yah kascit vaisnavo loke mithyacaro'py anasrami
punati sakalan lokan sirasa tulasim vahan

(Hari Bhakti Vilasa 9/202 from Skanda Purana)

If any Vaisnava in this world becomes a liar or becomes degraded from his own asrama, if he has a Tulasi leaf on his head, he can alone purify the three worlds.

Srila Sanatana Gosvami gives his Digdarsani-tika commentary on this verse, stating that if Vaisnavas wear articles which have been offered to the Supreme Lord, then one may question how a Vaisnava can wear something which has not been offered to the Supreme Lord. In answer to this, it can be stated that only a lying or cheating "Vaisnava" can do such a thing because they are all hypocrites and not real Vaisnavas.

bhaksitam lubdhakenapi patram tulasi sambhavam
pascad distantam apanno bhasmi bhutam kalevaram
sita sitam yatha niram sarva papa ksayavaham
tatha ca tulasi patram prasitam sarva kamadam

(Hari Bhakti Vilasa 9/213,214 from Skanda Purana, conversation between Vasistha and King Mandhata)

Even if a most sinful hunter eats a Tulasi leaf and dies afterwards, whatever sins he has in his body turn into ashes. As whitish and blackish water (Ganges and Yamuna water) remove all kinds of sins, in the very same way white (green) and black Tulasis removes all kinds of sins, and if he eats these leaves (after offering them to Lord Krsna), all of his desires are perfectly achieved.

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