International Society for Krishna Consciousness - PakistanThe International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was established in 1966 by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Srila Prabhupada).
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    In material existence one is subjected
    to the influence of the mind and the senses.
    In fact, the pure soul is entangled in the material world
    because the mind is involved with the false ego,
    which desires to lord it over material nature.
    Therefore, the mind should be trained so that
    it will not be attracted by the glitter of material nature,
    and in this way the conditioned soul may be saved.
    One should not degrade oneself by attraction to sense objects.
    The more one is attracted by sense objects,
    the more one becomes entangled in material existence.
    The best way to disentangle oneself is to
    always engage the mind in Krsna consciousness.
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    The material body consists of the senses, and consequently
    the body`s activities are sensual activities.
    However, above the senses is the mind,
    and above the mind is the intelligence,
    and above the intelligence is the spirit soul.
    If one is on the spiritual platform, one`s intelligence,
    mind and senses are all spiritualized.
    The purpose of the Krsna consciousness process is to actualize
    the spiritualization of the senses, mind, and intelligence.
    The spirit soul is superior to all, but because the soul is sleeping,
    the soul has given power of attorney to the fickle mind.
    However, when the soul is awakened, the soul is once again master,
    and the servile mind cannot act improperly.
    Once we are awakened in Krsna consciousness,
    the intelligence, mind and and senses cannot act nonsensically.
    They must act in accordance with the dictations of the spirit soul.
    That is spiritualization and purification.
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    Without Krsna consciousness, one must be always
    seeking self-centered or extended selfish activities.
    But a Krsna conscious person can do everything
    for the satisfaction of Krsna and thereby
    be perfectly detached from sense-gratification.
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  • Quetta's 10th Yearly Program Celebration by ISKCON Pakistan Devotees

    Quetta is the largest city and the provincial capital of the Balochistan Province of Pakistan. It is known as the "Fruit Garden of Pakistan", due to the diversity of plants and animal wildlife. Quetta is 1,680 meters (5,500 feet) above the sea level and having the healthy climate. The temperature drops a few degrees below the freezing point in winter following a typical autumn when the leaves turn golden and then a wild red.
    ISKCON Devotee initiated Program and celebration of installation of deity of Sri Sri Radha Radha Nath Bhagwan 3 Year ago in June 2007 by Radhika Krpa Mata G from Delhi. Program was scheduled for 3 days from 17-19, June, including the arrival of H.G. Sarvabhauma Prabhu from Vrindavan
    Previously, Sarvabhauma was living in Pakistan and was regularly invited along with other ISKCON devotees to speak at the ashram of a famous saint. People from different part of Pakistan keep their faith in listening Krishna Katha from Sarvabhauma Prabhu so invite Sarvabhauma and the ISKCON devotees to speak on the "Bhagavad Gita" to his congregation. Their relationship has continued for almost 25 years, but due to health issue of H.G. Sarvabhauma Prabhu his arrival was cancelled.
    Welcome ceremony from ISKCON, Program included the lecture & Devotee from all the parts of Pakistan came to celebrate the yearly program including Larkana, Karachi, Sukkur, Sibi and other different parts of Pakistan.

    18-06-2010(1st Day)
    With short kirtan by Mukanada Data Das, program started with the online lecture of Sarvabhauma Prabhu (Dr. Shishpal Sharma) his lecture attracts hundreds of devotee/ listener from all over the Pakistan.
    2:15pm, online telephonic conversation started from Vrindavan to Quetta by H.G.Sarvabhauma Prabhu, who preaches the message of Gaurangaa Mahaprabhu and gave understanding of below Points based on Logic and Authenticate Scripture,
    - Understanding of Soul, Nature of Soul, and Nature(Dharma) of Soul
    - Soul is the property of Krsna and we all are part and parcel of Krsna’s energy
    - SB 12.7 Parikshit Maharaj discussed characteristics of Kali Yuga Due to General Audience
    Sarvabhauma Prabhu start with very basic of devotional service lecture and try to convene general audience to chant Hare Krsna Maha Mantra in their daily life routine including 1 round / day. 30 minutes of lecture ends at 2:45.
    2:50 pm other ISKCON devotees preaches the message of Lord Chaitaniya and starts Kirtan, there were the very nice arrangements of Maha Prasadam by local ISKCON Devotee in Ariya Samaj Temple, Quetta
    Devotees after winding up the first day program went to Krishna Mandir. After observing the reputation and system of preaching by ISKCON devotee local hindu panchayat assigned “Krsna Temple” to Esana Prabhu and that temple is under the management of Esana Prabhu, whendevotees enter into the temple they felt relax and were very happy. All devotee together there from various parts of Pakistan discussed the standard of ISKCON and their implementation as said by Srila Prabhupada. With Sri Sri Radha Rasbihari Dev Bhagwan from Sukkur came along with devotee we performed Sandiya Arti in Krsna temple.
    To see the darshan of 1st day Program Please click here

    19-06-2010(2st Day)
    Early in Morning after Mangla Aarti at 9:00am Ram yagya Prabhu took class of Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, discuss the mercy of Chaitaniya Mahaprabhu for people of age of Kali Yug.
    Sriman Madhan Mohan Prabhu also came during class from Karachi as senior ISKCON Represetative & President, listen Ram yagya Prabhu’s class. During Class Ram yagya Prabhu sung “Nadiya Godrume Nityananda Mahajana” written by our acarya Bhaktivinoda Thakura, along with describe the Nama Hatta meaning and it’s value (Nama = Name, Hatta = Market)
    Arrangement for Stage, Prasadm, Kirtan along with management of 400+ people were going on in Bhasti Panchayat Area where Sri Sri Radha Radha Nath Bhagwan was installed by Radhika Kirpa Mata G of Delhi. Program Starts after Sandiya Art Sriman Madhan Mohan Prabhu lead the Program and start with Kirtan.
    Every devotee was excited to hear and sing the Holy Name of Lord, Sriman Madhan Mohan one by one request devotees to sing the Holy Name and Kirtan
    - Esana Prabhu who compose as temple president sung the song he made by self “Rasiya He mero Sri Radha Radha Nath” and Vaisnava song “Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu Doya Koro More” byNarottama Dasa Thakura
    - Govinda Prabhu sung “Bhajahū re mana śrī-nanda-nandana” by Govinda Dasa Kaviraja in very sweet melody
    - Sadhu Seva Prabhu who sung “jaya rādhā-mādhava kuñja-bihārī”
    Then Sriman Madhan Mohan Prabhu read Bhagwat Geeta 4.4, and convey the purport of Srila Prabhupada and message of Krsna to all people and devotee came in Program. After short class their were arrangement of Live Telephonic Class by Sarvabhauma Prabhu from Vrindavan it was almost 20Minutes of Lecture that from age of 5 to 60+ everyone can understand the message.
    Sarvabhauma Prabhu included in his lecture, the mercy of Lord upon all living entity, that how Krsna is merciful that he is providing us nature, earth, food, water and all the necessities of life, but we are going against of nature instead of thanking God, what beautiful things God Provided us. Even Sarvabhauma Prabhu teaches by logical and daily example as in daily life as modern science and facilities are increasing the Human Life is disturbing day by day, instead of that during daily routine Sarvabhauma Prabhu requested all mass of people to Chant Hare Krsna Maha Mantra for satisfaction of mind and soul
    Program was also included Award (shield) Ceremony which were arranged by ISKCON Quetta Devotee to promote the service and to enthusiast devotee that they can perform better service.
    Karuna Sindhu Prabhu got best performance award for Print and Translating, Prabhupada books, Visnu Loka Prabhu for Best Kirtanist and Ram Yagya Prabhu for Preaching all over the Pakistan sincerely, including that every devotee for very little service for Srila Prabhupada’s mission got the rewards and shield
    After class it was a very nice Kirtan by devotees that were full of Ecstasy and peak of Dance that people of all ages dance in name of Congregational Chanting of Hare Krsna Maha Mantra. Prasadam arraignment was held after Program and yet Yearly Program finished with its better performance.
    To see the darshan of 2nd day Program Please click here

    20-06-2010(3rd Day)
    On third day, early in morning after Mangla Arti it was arrangement of Nagar Kirtan in Local Area, so every devotee was ready to dance in ecstasy, Esana Das Lead the Kirtan and along with devotees from Sibi. Hari Naam Sankirtan louds in area around, 1.5Hour of continuous Kirtan was also enjoyed by the local people in Quetta, that bring smiles early in morning on their faces. We experienced that people of was really inspired by such activities.

    Esana Das Says: “Just 15 Days before we have got Krishna Mandir in Quetta by Hindu Panchayat, that was the result of appreciation and hard struggle by devotee. The Temple is very beautiful in main city and Bhagwat Class and Teaching will be our motive in Krishna Temple”

    After Successful celebration Radhika Krpa Mata G saw the pictures and darshan of Sri Sri Radha Radha Natha bhagwan and said: “Haribol I still have vivid memories of installing these deities, they are very beautiful. I and my prabhu ji Rasapriya das were fortunate to get the sewa of choosing these Deities and get them from Jaipur They were taken to Quetta by our godbrother HG Ramavtaar das who lives there and does service to Them. With the blessings of Guru Maharaja ji and Srila Prabhupada I participated in installation yajna in Quetta and did abhisheka of these Deities.
    Further Radhika Krpa Mata G said:”The pure devotion of the devotees is repaying . Therefore the Deities are getting Beautiful day by day.All glories to Srila Prabhuda whose mercy is truly flowing in every nook and corner on this Planet”
    This event was very beautiful, peaceful and spiritual even every devotee Hari Kirtan, Esana Das, Ram Yagya, Ram Avtar, Madhan Mohan, Karuna Sindhu, Visnu Loka, Sudama, Ganga Mata G, Puri Prabhu and each every devotee work so hard day and night that mission of Prabhupada shines like Star.
    To see the darshan of 3rd day Nagar Kirtan. Please click here
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    All Glories to the devotees of Pakistan!!!
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    ISKCON Desire Tree is doing a great service to the humanity. Please donate.. A humble request.

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Mantra: "man" means "mind" and "tra" means "to deliver".Thus a mantra is a transcendental sound vibration with potency to liberate the mind from material conditioning."Hare" is the vocative case (addressing form) of "Hari". This is another name for Krsna. Also, another name for Srimati Radharani is Hara, and "Hare" is again the vocative case of this name. Thus, "Hare" refers either to Lord Hari or to Srimati Radharani. "Krsna" means "The All-Attractive". The syllable "krs" is the attractive…

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'eka' kṛṣṇa-nāme kare sarva-pāpa nāśapremera kāraṇa bhakti karena prakāśaSimply chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra without offenses vanquishes all sinful activities. Thus pure devotional service, which is the cause of love of Godhead, becomes manifest. (CC- 1:8:26).One cannot be situated in the devotional service of the Lord unless one is free from sinful life. This is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gītā (7:28):yeṣāḿ tv anta-gataḿ pāpaḿ janānāḿ puṇya-karmanāmte dvandva-moha-nirmuktā bhajante māḿ…

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