Simply by chanting Hare Krishnaone can be freed from all undesirable habits.Chanting Hare Krishna with strong attachmentone achieves the fruit of love of God very soon.By chanting Hare Krishna we are engaging in the devotional service,the divine service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna.Chanting the Hare Krishna mantra purifies one`s consciousnessand produces waves of ecstatic love that completely cleanse the soul.Harinama is invested with the full potency of the Supreme Lord.Harinama is absolutely transcendental and possessthe power to dissolve the illusion of the entire material creation at will.The chanting of Hare Krishna is like a lion`s roar.As a lion`s roar frightens all small creatures,the chanting of Hare Krishna ends all of one`s sinful reactions.Chanting Hare Krishna exerts the deepest and most profound influence upon anyone who chants it in a mood of reverential devotion.By chanting the Hare Krishna mantra one can attain the perfectionof associating with the Supreme Personality of Godheadin complete bliss and satisfaction in one`s constitutional state.Chanting Hare Krishna makes one fearless,bestows supreme peace,dissolves sins and puts a stop to the cycle of birth and death.Chanting Hare Krishna is the easiest process of meditation in this age.It is the easiest means of self-realization.And it is the simplest means to spiritual perfection.By chanting Hare Krishna, one can be deliveredregardless of caste, creed, colour or social position.It does not depend on any paraphernalia, nor birth in a good family.By chanting the Hare Krishna mantraone is purified from the false identification of the bodyas "I" and bodily possessions as "mine" andone then transcends the so-called material happiness and distress.By chanting the glories of Lord Krishnain the association of devotees, one becomes satisfied and happy anddevelops a loving friendship with the devotees.Chanting Hare Krishna is so attractive thatanyone who chants it becomes imbued with love of Krishna.The fruit of love of God is distributedthrough the medium of chanting Hare Krishna.The maha-mantra contains the topmostsweet names of the Supreme Lord.The mantra reveals that a soul has anindividual attraction for the Supersoulby the connection of love.Harinama has appeared solelyfor the benefit of the living entities.Harinama is the best formof remembrance of the Supreme Lord. Nothing is as potent or powerful as Harinama.Chanting the Hare krishna mantraextinguish the horrible forest fire ofmaterial existence and removes all material tribulations.Chanting the Hare Krishna mantravanquishes all the effects of sinful activitieswhether they are heavy or light.The formula for world peace isto develop Krishna consciousness bychanting the Hare Krishna mantra.It eradicates envy and hatred andthus brings real peace, unity and fraternity.By chanting the Hare Krishna mantraone can be delivered regardlessof caste, creed, colour or social position.Chanting the Hare Krishna mantradrives away all the darkness of ignorance,cures one of worldly desires andmakes one`s birth in this world successful.Chanting the Hare Krishna mantrapurifies the mind and heart anddestroys the six enemies which arelust, anger, greed, illusion, pride and envy.By chanting the Hare Krishna mantraone will automatically develop all goodqualities like absence of false prestige andconcern that time should not be wasted.Our whole spiritual life develops from ourchanting of the Hare Krishna mantra,like a big tree which grows out of a seed.

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