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Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Here we will share funny anecdotes - in Krishna Conscious from real life only! When this discussion will have too many pages we will create the similar discussion page with the title "Jokes from Real Life - 2"

Let's make Devotees happy in Krishna Conscious way!!! Thank You!

Your humble servant,

P.S. But please beg You not to write comments here - in between anecdotes, just jokes so that Devotees could easily follow.

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    (This happened some years ago in our temple. For some time it was a very famous joke in our temple, retold many times. The wording may not be 100% exact, since I do not have the original lecure record.)

    H.H. Bhakti Vaibhava Maharaja is giving lecture. Translating into Russian is one of his disciples, who has been a very good brahmachari for many years.

    Maharaja: So in this material world the so-called love always brings suffering...

    Translator: I tak, v etom material'nom mire tak nazyvaemaja ljubov' vsegda prinosit stradanie...

    Maharaja: ...as we see from the example of Romeo and Juliet.

    Translator: ...kak my vidim na primere s Dzuljetoj i... eh... hm... (turning to the audience) S kem ona tam byla? [With whom was she?]

    Maharaja: (lovingly annoyed) S kem!... [With whom!] And this person has a higher education! [The devotee translating actually holds a degree in law!] He has never heard Romeo and Juliet! He only knows Radha and Krishna!

    :-) :-) :-)

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    It was in USA. Devotees were sitting with Srila Prabhupada. But there were many mosquitoes who were biting everyone except Srila Prabhupada.

    So one Devotee told:

    - Swamiji, because You are a pure Devotee these insects are not biting You, but they bite us.

    And Srila Prabhupada said:

    - Yes, but in Kolkata they do not discriminate.  

  • Sadhak A: prabhuji how much time u take to complete ur rounds

    Sadhak B: 1 hour

    Sadhak A: Ohh u r very fast i take 2 hours prabhu

    Sadhak B: i chant with two bead bags simultaneously in two hands :-)))))))))

    - it was joke pls don't try

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    Prabhupada saw something very nice and told: Some day we will have this thing for Krishna!

    Disciples: Jai Prabhupada!

    Prabhupada saw a nice car and told: some day we will have for Krishna car like this!

    Disciples: Jai Prabhupada!

    Prabhupada saw a big dog and told: some day we will have such like a dog for Krishna!

    Disciples: Jai Prabhupada!

     Then Srila Prabhupada looked to the disciples strictly and loudly told: You are fools? why for Krishna dogs??? try to use your intelligence! do not accept everything blindly!


     Patient: Doctor, where ever in my body i touch it pains.

    Doctor checked the whole body but could not find any defects.

    Patient: no, no i really feel pain everywhere i touch.

    Doctor again checked nothing.

    Then doctor become to know that the patient's finger was diseased and whenever he touched with his finger to his body he used to feel pain...


    sources: http://www.radhagopinathmedia.com/search/label/Akincana%20Krishna%2... 

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    Earlier days in ISKCON:

    New Devotees: Swamiji, what things we should avoid in order to be Krishna Conscious?

    Swamiji: no illicit sex, intoxication, gambling, meat eating.

    New Devotees: :-O oh God!!! Then what should we do??? 

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