even the monkeys won’t take it

Frm Krishna Book Volum 1- Chapter 8

All the gopé friends of Yashodä and Rohinëé enjoyed the naughty childish activities of Krisha and Balaräma in Vråndävana. In order to enjoy further transcendental bliss, they all assembled and went to mother Yashodä to lodge complaints against the restless boys. When Krisha was sitting before mother ,Yashodä  all the elder gopés began to lodge complaints against Him so that Krisha could hear. They said, “Dear , why don’t you restrict your naughty Krishña? He comes to our
houses along with Balaräma every morning and evening, and before the milking of the cows They let loose the calves, and the calves drink all the milk of the cows. So when we go to milk the cows, we find no milk, and we have to return with empty pots. If we warn  Krishña and Balaräma

about doing this, They simply smile so charmingly that we cannot do anything. Also, your Krishña and Balaräma find great pleasure in stealing our stock of yogurt and butter from wherever we keep it. When  Krishña and Balaräma are caught stealing the yogurt and butter, They say, “Why

do you charge Us with stealing? Do you think that butter and yogurt are in scarcity in Our house?’ Sometimes They steal butter, yogurt and milk  and distribute them to the monkeys. When the monkeys are well fed and do not take any more, then your boys chide, “This milk and butter and
yogurt are useless—even the monkeys won’t take it.’ And They break the pots and throw them hither and thither.

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