Sri Nama Mahatmya: The Glories of the holy name by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura.

krsna-nama dhare kato bal
bisaya-basananale, mora citta sada jwale,
rabi-tapta maru-bhumi-sam
karna-randhra-patha diya, hrdi majhe pravesiya,
barisoya sudha anupam

hrdoya hoite bale, jihvara agrete cale,
sabda-rupe nace anukhon
kanthe mora bhange swar, anga kape thara thar,
sthira hoite na pare caran

cakhe dhara, dehe gharma, pulakita saba carma,
bibar na hoilo kalebar
murchita hoilo man, pralayer agaman,
bhave sarba-deha jara jar

kori’ eto upadrab, citte barse sudha-drab
more dare premer sagare
kichu na bujhite dilo, more ta’batula koilo,
mora citta-bitta saba hare

loinu asroya ja’r, heno byabahara ta’r,
barnite na pari e sakal
krsna-nama iccha-moy, jahe jahe sukhi hoy,
sei mora sukhera sambal

premera kalika nam, adbhuta rasera dham,
heno bala karaye prakasa
isat bikasi’punah, dekhay nija-rupa-guna
citta hori’ loya krsna-pasa

purna bikasita hoiya, braje more jaya loiya,
cekhay more swarupa-bilash
more siddha-deha diya, krsna-pase rakhe giya,
e dehera kare sarbe-nas

krsna-nama-cintamani, akhila rasera khani
nitya-mukta suddha-rasa-moy
namera balai jato, saba loiye hoi hato,
taba more sukhera udoy

The holy name of Krishna possesses unlimited potency.
My heart is always burning because of the fire of desire
for material enjoyment.
It is like the desert made hot by the scorching heat of the sun.
But the holy name of Krishna enters through the holes of the ears
and goes straight to my heart with a shower of transcendental nectar.

From the heart, the holy name comes to the tip of my tongue and
continuously dances there. This chokes up my voice and makes my
entire body tremble. Because of this, my legs cannot remain still.

Tears of love flowed from my eyes and my body began to sweat.
The hair of my body stood on end and my entire body lost its colour.
My mind became stunned and I lost external consciousness. In this
way my entire body became filled with ecstatic love.

After creating such a disturbance, the holy name showered a current
of ecstatic love. Before I could understand what was happening, the
holy name made me a mad man and stole my heart and all my assets.

Such is the behaviour of He whom I took shelter of. I cannot describe
these occurence any further. The holy name of Krishna is fully
independent. My source of happiness is the lotus feet of
those who are blessed by the holy name of Krishna.

The holy name of Krishna is just like a bud of the flower of ecstatic love.
It is the reservoir of wonderful transcendental mellows. By its own
potency, the holy name gradually manifests its forms and qualities.
It this way it attracts the hearts of the devotees to the lotus feet of Krishna.

When the holy name further manifests its potency, it takes me to Vrndavana
and shows me the transcendental pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Krishna.
After destroying my material body, it awards me a spiritual body
and takes me to the lotus feet of Krishna.

The holy name of Krishna is like a spiritual gem and it is a reservoir of
transcendental mellows. It is eternally liberated, pure, and full of
transcendental mellows. I wish to die while glorifying the qualities of the
holy name. Only then will I feel happiness in my heart.

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