One morning after bathing in the Ganges, Nimai Pandit
(Lord Caitanya), sat down to teach Sanskrit to His students.
Completely absorbed in Krishna, Nimai Pandit chanted the
holy name of Krishna and nothing else. His students could
not understand His mood. Nimai Pandit told them that
Krishna is the essential lesson of everything. He further said
that all Sanskrit sutras, aphorisms and commentaries actually
describe the glories of the holy name of Krishna. In Shri
Caitanya Bhagavata, Madhya Khanda Chapter one,
texts 148 to 168, it is stated:-

148. The Lord said, "The holy names of Krishna are eternal
Truth. All scriptures explain Krishna and nothing else."

149. "Krishna is the Supreme controller, the Creator, the
Maintainer, and the Annihilator. Everyone beginning from
Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva is His servant."

150. "The life of anyone who gives up the lotus feet of Krishna
and explains things as separate from Him is useless as
a result of his false statements."

151. "The philosophies in all scriptures headed by the agamas
and Vedanta describe the wealth of devotion to
the lotus feet of Krishna."

152. "Teachers bewildered by the illusory energy of Krishna
give up the devotional service and take to other paths."

153. "Lord Krishna is the ocean of mercy, the life and soul of
the universe, the lover of His servants, and the darling
son of the cowherd Nanda,"

154. "Even if one studies all the scriptures, if he has no affection
or inclination for the name of Krishna, he is certainly degraded."

155. "If a poor fallen person takes to chanting the holy names
of Krishna, he attains the abode of Krishna in spite of
having many faults."

156. "This is the purport of all scriptures.
Anyone who doubts this fact suffers."

157. "Anyone who explains the scriptures without referring to
the worship of Krishna is a fallen soul who does not know
the purport of the scriptures."

158. "Those who do not know the purport of the scriptures
yet teach them to others are simply like donkeys
carrying a load books."

159. "People obtained death and destruction through such study
of the Vedas, and as a result they are deprived
of the festivals of Lord Krishna."

160. "The Lord awarded liberation to Putana, yet people
will leave aside Krishna to meditate on others."

161. "For what happiness will someone give up the glorification
of Krishna Who delivered the most sinful Aghasura?"

162. "The entire world is purified by the name of Krishna,
yet wretched living entities abstain from chanting His glories."

163. "Even the demigods headed by Lord Brahma are
overwhelmed by the festivals of Krishna, yet people give up
such festivals and take pleasure in
inauspicious dancing and singing."

164. "The holy names of Krishna delivered Ajamila, yet those
who are intoxicated by wealth, good birth,
and education do not know Him."

165. "O brothers, please hear My truthful statement. Worship
the invaluable wealth of the lotus feet of Krishna."

166-167. "O brothers, may you all desire to attain the same
lotus feet that Mother Lakshmi desires to serve,
the same lotus feet by Whose worship Lord Shiva became
known as a pure servant, and the same lotus feet from
which the Ganges emanated."

168. "Who in Navadvipa has the power to refute My
explanations before Me."

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