Even though I was present when Prabhupad visited MUmbai but I did not get that one moment to get his Darshan but his monumental mercy towrds his Lords devotees  has seen I associate with senior devotees presently.Today also I speak even in my family but one does not become devotee even when it is available in front of him 

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  • hare krsna
    thanks for such a question
    krsna says in BG That out of thousands one endeavour to become devotee & out of many thousands of them one achieve perfection. in caitanya caritramrita it is said one out of many entities one receive the seed of bhakti by causeless mercy of guru & krsna.one more reason is that people didnt have that much sukriti to get bhakti but when they get sukriti they become krsna conscious just as to by a diamond u need a good amount of bank balance without that u cant buy.
    thank u pls reply
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