We are based at jasdan near rajkot we running goshala with 157 cow's we are manufacturing cow product

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Hare Krishna Dear Devotees it is a most Important work that Protection of Krishna,s most dear cow.

Please join us please join us in our mission  

1] you can help as distribute of glory of gomata on devotees community

2] Right articels about gomata in English

3] use cow products in your daily life

4] Where ever you see gomata seek or injured please  treat her

5] Drink only gomata,s milk    

6] Use soap shampoo made from panch gvya of gomata profit will go to gomata

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  • Hare krsna
  • Prabhuji, why don't you send this all informations to the panel of environmental scientist, directorate of the ministry of health, and rural development. Please send it to them on behalf of your organisation and ask them for their feedback or comment (if they have). We are all ready to start debates on this issue. What do you think? First, think it at the national level, then we will go for international seminar.

    Hari Bol.

    Subrata Ganguly

    Hari Bol,
  • Hare Krishna prabhu i am already using products good
  • Hare Krishna prabhu your group is goooddd for gobhakta
  • Hare Krishna!
  • This is one of most Responsible thing your are Pushing Krsna and Prabhupad will be very Happy and Im so Happy.
  • Hare Krishna prabhu
    Thanks for inviting me prabhu
    Now i will be regular on internet.
    It is a great service to protect cows.
  • keep in touch bheedu
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