Part-06 Role of Gaushala for Self Reliance

Role of Gaushala for Self Reliance• Sale of Milk and Milk products such as Curd, Ghee, Cheese, Butter, Sweets, Milk Kalp-Chikitsa etc.,• The proper use of Cow dung as compost fertilizer, Vermi compost, Pit compost, Gobar gas plant, other products such as Dant-manjan, Dhoopbatti, Soap, Pain relieving Oil, Upale for Agnihotra etc.• Cow urine can be used as pest control for household as well as for Agriculture, Medicine which cures nearly 108 diseases.Role of Gaushala for Self Reliance• The land of Goshala can be used for Tulsi-vatika :Tulsi Cold drink, Tulsi oil, Tulsi hot drink, Tulsi mala.• Shak-vatika: growing different vegetables, medicinal plants etc.• The Calf's can be sold and used for bullock carts.• Manufacturing and selling of medicines from Cow milk, Urine, Dung etc.Books published on Cowpathy• A biannual scientific journal on cow titled “International Journal of Cow Science” covers various aspects of cow, its related scientific facts and technologies originating from cow. This journal is first of its kind in the world covering global health thru Cowpathy.• Go palan and goshala prabandhan sandarshika.(from Rachnatmak-vibhag of DSVVwww.dsvv.org)How you can contribute?• Protection of cows and bulls is possible only when cultured and pious minded citizens come forward to actively support the cause by their words, actions and wealth.• This is Our Duty toward Mother Gau, Mother Earth, & Mankind.• Starting Goshala as self reliance in each and every village, town and city.

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