Part-04 Quotes in various Religions

Quotes in various Religions• Kuran Sharif: Akarmool bakar fahinaha saiydul bahaisah Meaning: Respect the cow because it is the leader of 4 legged animals. The milk, ghee (shifa), butter of cow is nectar. Its flesh is the main cause of all the diseases. –Kuran sharif para 14 rukwa 7-15.• Christian: Killing a cow or a bull is as sinful as killing a human. –isai hyada 66-3 Jesus Christ• Buddhism: As mother-father, sister-brother, are family members, cows are also our best friends.• Hindu: You can have darshan of all Gods and teerthas in Holy Cow. - Scriptures.• Sikkhism: gobhakti yehi dev agya turk, gahe khapaun! Gau ghat ka dosh jag sir mitaun.Quotes of Great Personalities• Cow is the source of progress and prosperity. In many ways it is superior to one’s mother. – Mahatma Gandhi• Killing a bull is equivalent to killing a cow. – Jesus Christ• Cow’s milk is tonic, its ghee is ambrosia and its meat is disease.– Hazarat Mohamed• Cow protection is the eternal dharma of India– Dr. Rajendra Prasad, 1st President of India• One cow in its life time can feed 4,10,440 people once a day while its meat is sufficient only for 80 people.– Swami Dayanand Saraswati• Till cows are slaughtered, no religious or social function can bring its fruit.– Devarah baba• The first section of Indian Constitution should be on prohibition for Cow slaughter.– Madan Mohan MalviyaQuotes of Great Personalities• The pressure of Muslims for cow slaughter is the limit of foolishness. I have studied both Koran and Bible. According to both of them, to kill a cow even indirectly is a great sin.– Acharya Vinoba Bhave• Since the cruel killing of cows and other animal have commenced, I have anxiety for the future generation.– Lala Lajpat Rai• Kill me but spare the cow. – Lokmanya Tilak• According to me under the present circumstances, there is nothing more scientific and intelligent act than banning cow slaughter.– Jai Prakash Narayan• Cow is the God even of God. – Shri Haridas Shastri• We want to live in the world while being called as Hindus then we have to protect cows with all our might.– Shri Prabhudata Brahmachari• The offensive act of British Rule towards cows will go down in the history as an abominable deed. – Lord Lonlithgo• Cow is the foundation of our economy.– Giani Zail Singh – Former President• Neither Koran nor the Arabian Customs permit killing cow.– Hakim Ajamal KhanUSPTO and CSIR• THE U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) grants thousands of patents every week, and yet, the U.S. Patent, 6410059, titled "Pharmaceutical Compositions containing Cow urine Distillate and An Antibiotic" issued to S.P.S. Kanuja and 13 others and assigned to the Council of Scientific And Industrial Research (CSIR), attracted global attention. The Minister For Science And Technology, Government of India, at a Press Conference, said that the U.S. Patent made him realise that all traditional practices from Indian Systems of Medicine have a strong scientific base.• Source:• http://www.hinduonnet.com/seta/2002/09/19/stories/2002091900150300.htmExample from PuraanKrishna is known as Gopala (protector of the Cows) or Govinda with his flute (one who gives pleasure to the Cows).“Offering respect to the Cows will help the devotee to diminish the reactions to his past sinful activities” – Skanda PuranaLord Balaram represents plowing the land for agriculture and therefore always carries a plow in His hand represent krisi-raksha (protecting Bulls by engaging them in farming)Cow Bull & Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya• Spent 27 years of his life on only 1 glass of Cow butter milk and Chapati of Oat.• Oat which has been eaten by Cow comes out in Cow Dung(the undigested ones).• Result was his Power which proves him in the form of Great Revolutionary for Change of The Era. He has that power which changes one’s thinking process.• He saved Bull by making himself as one of the pair in the Bullock Cart.Quotes of Scientists• Cow milk is father of overall health and complete diet– Dr.Fredrick Halfman• Cow milk is beneficial even on heart diseases and cancer.– Dr.Elawheeler phillocks• Yoghurt is the main ingredient which makes the body disease free.• With regular use of milk lacs of people restored their health and thousands saved their life. – Dr.Bernard Macfaden• Its misfortune of human beings that having milk and fruits he can be disease free, inspite of these great diets he is going for medicines. – Endolf just• Cow milk contains some special kind of bacteria which helps in cleaning and maintaining the intestines thru which the major part of life force is used to enrich and develop the cells. The energy left from fighting with diseases is the main reason for its brightness and long life. – Dr. Macnicock

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