Part-03 Cow Milk Kalp Chikitsa

Cow Milk Kalp Chikitsa• Diseases that can be cured by using milk regularly:• All types of snayurog like sleepiness, insomnia, migraine, headache, fatigue, irritation etc.• All stomach related diseases, intestinal, liver, urinary track, ovarial, impure blood etc.• All urine and stools related diseases such as constipation, piles, stones, kidney, menstrual etc.• Skin related diseases such as leprosy, wounds, pimples, baldness, tan, compressed skin etc.• Other diseases like sandhivat, female problems, abortions, obesity, hysteria, impotence, etc .Diseases that are successfully cured by Cow milk.1. All types of endocrine related diseases such as sleeplessness, neuregzia, neuritis, headache, migraine, weakness, fatigue, anxiety, irritation, muscular pain, swelling of hands and legs, hardness of nerves, etc.2. Stomach related diseases such as stomach ache, liver and intestines problems, acidity, loose motions, menstrual problem, less sperm counts, etc.3. Urine and stools related such as constipation, piles, diabetes, kidney stones, kidney swellings, menstrual problems, less sperm count, impotency etc.4. Skin related such as leprosy, wounds, acne, pimples, black spots, baldness, hair fall, sun tan, dry skin, etc5. Ladies problems such as white discourse, abortions, lactation problems, obesity, menstrual disorders, headache, hysteria, back ache, stomach ache, still born child, womb disorders, weakness, blood impurities, etc.6. Various other diseases such as thinness, joint pains, wind pipe related diseases, BP, throat related diseases, lungs, anemia, alcohol, brown sugar, ganja etc addictions.Medicines• Netra bindu – eyes.• Gomutra ark – obesity, skin, diabetes, BP, cancer, urine problems.• Kamadhenu Harad churna – gas problems, joint pains, piles.• Kamadhenu haldi panchvati – asthma, cold, cough, flu, diabetes.• Gomay malish tail – sandhivat, vat rog, pain reliever,sciatica.• Gomay dant manjan – teeth, pairia, mouth ulcers.• Gomay face pack and soap- glowing skin, pimples, acne wrinkles.• Kamadhenu keshnikhar shampoo – for healthy scalp and hair.• Gomay machchar dhoop – mosquito repellant.

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