About Land for Goshala

Hare Krishna Pr.In our web you have ask for the landI know one place it is on bank of majira river near Talwada (M) {Village Name}, in Bhalki Taluka, KarnatakaIt is my birth place i know it very welland because of same reson we can buy this land at low pricePlease reply me for furthur service

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  • pls prabhu give me your no. that i can contact you
    i have interest in your talk
    • Hare Krishna

      My no. is 9290106511

    it is great information. Prabhu what do you think about this land? But we want to know the project more clearly, like how many people will be involved, how do you utilise the total resources? what is your future plan about this land etc? More we can discuss in later stage.

    Hare Krisna,

    Subrata Ganguly.
    • Hare krishna prabhu if ypu give your no that will be good for me to talk with you
      pls give your no.
    • Hare Krishna
      Please tolrate my language i am not perfect in english
      May i know about you.
      This a land is near to river and two type of soil is there. We can do farming, lot of space for "Gocharan", we can constuct a huge Goshala and temple.
      This land is between two villages and a Railway line is laid very near to this land.

      Hare Krishna
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