Hare Krishna. This is an opportunity for all the beginners in Krishna Consciousness to unload all the questions, queries, opinions and thoughts. A group of all the amateur but serious devotees

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  • Hare Krishna to All,
    For those who found difficulty in JAPA, Pl. go through JAPA Reform by HH Bhurijana Das, It will purify yourself in the process of chanting.
    • I cannot find the book. What is the title of the book?
  • @apurva kumar prabhu.

    Chant - wherever whenever u can. 

    and read books to know in minute details about your fav God, Sri Krishna  :) 

  • @Veenadhari Mataji 

    I would say, gain knowledge, associate with devotees, hear from devoees. 

  • hare krishna!

    lord krishan is my fav god..i m new to this krishna cosciousness..

    please guide me..what should i do? and when?

    can anyone pls giv me every minute details..

  • Hare Krishna

    I have edited the settings, and now all devotees can send messages to anyone in the group. Please feel free to circulate your doubts and lessons. Together, we will evolve faster.

  • Hare Krishna

    This is a welcome note to all the new devotees like me to bring forth the endless queries that you all must have in this new journey without any hesitation. Looking forward to your enthusiastic support and participation.
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