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Principles Of Surrender...

Principles Of Surrender... 1. First Principle of Surrender: Dainya, Humility 2. Second Principle of Surrender: Atma-Nivedana, Dedication of the Self 3. Third Principle of Surrender: Goptrtve-Varana, Acceptance of the Lord as Sole Maintainer 4. Fourth Principle of Surrender: 'Avasya Raksibe Krsna'-Visvasa, Palana: Faith in Krsna as Protector 5. Fifth Principle of Surrender: Bhakti-Pratikula-Bhava Varjanangikara: Renunciation of Conduct Unfavorable to Pure Devotion 6. Svikara: Acceptance of Activities Favorable to Pure Devotion 7. Bhajana-Lalasa: Hankering for Divine Service 8. Siddhi-Lalasa: Hankering for Spiritual Perfection 9. Sri Nama-Mahatmya: The Glories of the Holy Name Hare Krishna... Radhe Radhe...


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