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  • Hari Bol! how r u?
  • Hare Krishna!
    I dont know why am i not able to chat in Iskconrefresh, shall we chat in yahoo messenger!
  • Hare Krihna! Why did you not come online for chating?
  • hare bol,hello
  • yes i do have
  • hari bol, thanks for such a nice pic,lavitha
  • Haribol Lavitha,
    Thanks for be my friend.
    Wish you all the best in your live.
    Maybe see you some time in the future.

    Hare Krsna.
  • hare krishna
  • Its ok if u have newer seen me before.are you a student?.if u happen to c me in iskcon KL or klang pls greet me hare krsna.

    Jay srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
    Jay Sri Guru and Gauranga
  • Hare krsna,thanks to add me as friend.
    have u seen me before?may be i might have seen you either in iskcon kl or in isckon klang,but im not sure.glad to be your friend.

    Jay srila Bhaktivedanta Swami prabuhupada
    Jay Sri Guru and Gauranga
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