Ans3) 'The ecstatic dancing of the Lord at Ratha Yatra' is my favourite pastime.
This pastime reveals the meaning of Ratha Yatra, how Mahaprabhu in the mood of Srimati Radharani carries the chariot of Lord Jagannatha who is Shri Krishna, back to Vrindavana. Devotees carrying Lord Jagannatha by their intensity of love which rose from the sorrowful separation of Shri Krishna and Vrajavasis broke me into tears. The Vaishnavas coming together like an assembly of clouds and chanting the holy names in great ecstasy, tears falling from their eyes like rain made me think when I'll be able to get the association of Vaishnavas, chant together with Them filling my eyes with the tears of separation from the Lord. Mahaprabhu dividing the devotees into 7 parties of Sankirtan and Lord Jagannatha stopping His chariot to watch Mahaprabhu's dance ignited me to reach there and directly watch the pastime.
This pastime rose more devotion in me for Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

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