Spiritual Greatness of the Gopis



God, the embodiment of spiritual Knowledge & bliss, who makes the whole creation dance like a puppet tied to the strings of His Maya, Himself dances in the courtyard of the Gopis enchanted by their Love. Who can adequately praise their lot or describe the greatness of their love? Says Rasakhana:-
"Sesa (the serpant-God), Mahesha (Lord Shiva), the Sun God & Indra, on whom all these Gods constantly medidate, Whom the Vedas describe as eternal, infinite, partless, indivisible & differenceless, Whose names & glories are incessantly sung by sages like Narada, Suka & Vyasa, but even they cannot exhaust them & themselves feel exhausted:
Him the Cowherd girls get to dance before them over a cup of butter-milk."
The following is an anecdote connected with the Gopis who saw Krishna permeating the whole universe. One of these Gopis asked another in the course of their talks about Krishna, in which they remained engaged all the 24 hours- "Sister here is a puzzle for me. The blessed Nanda has got a fair complexion, Queen Yasoda is fair, even Balarama is fair-complexioned; while all members of the family are fair, is it not strange that Shyamasundara alone should have been dark-complexioned?" Hearing this the other Gopi who beheld Krishna everywhere replied- 'Sister, what a shame? Don't you know even this?-
"He stays day & night within our eyes painted black by collyrium, O friend it is due to this that the body of our dearest is dark in color"
What a sentiment of deep spiritual significance. In the painted (kajrari) eyes of these Gopis resided Shri Krishna alone & nothing else; their eyes beheld nothing else in this wide world.
I bow again & again, to the sacred feet of these Gopis who are merged & lost in this Divine Love of Sri Krishna.

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