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"It is no use enjoying pleasure after pleasure and possessing immense wealth, nor is it any use becoming a great ascetic besmearing the body with ashes.

It is of little use surrounding oneself with fires on all sides and sitting under the Sun in summer, or aquiring the power of floating in water, or extending one's domain across the seas.

You may repeat sacred formulas times without number, practise austerities & excersise control over body & mind, observe fasts for any number of days, undertake pilgrimages to a thousand of sacred places; but who the devil cares for all these?

He is really an uncultured boor who loves not, nor enjoys the blessed company of the beloved child of Nanda.

You may possess a number of mansions cast in gold, the splendour of which dazzles the eyes, & which are perpetually illuminated by rows of bright rubies & other precious stones.

To mention only a single fact of wordly greatness, you may have a regular battalion of porters waiting at the door all the 24 hours to regulate the entry of visitors.

Nay, you may throw pearls to the crowd in charity after taking a plunge in the Ganges, or chant the Vedas twenty times or engage in meditation of the Lord.

All this is of no use says Rasakhana,, if you have not been able to love the yellow-robed Sri Krishna by offering Him the heart!"

The character of Divine love can never be truly described. It makes the devotee the embodiment of love. It is like the sweet tasted by the dumb. The joy of divine love is also indescribable. Horripilation, tears, trembling of the body, etc., are only external signs of it; but how is one to give expression to the stream of Rasa (delight) that flows interminably within the Heart? The stream overflows & floods the heart. We have read the stories of Love-intoxicated devotees, but in the present age the sight of a true lover of God has become extremely rare.

Now, the question is -how is one to gain this love? Goswami Tulsidasji says in answer to this question:-

"Without Satsanga discourses on the stories of Shri Hari cannot be heard, & without hearing such discourse delusion cannot be removed. Until delusion is removed, strong attachment to the feet of Shri Rama cannot be developed."

The tragedy is that all are attachments are rooted to wealth & woman, honour & fame. We don't infact entertain any desire in our hearts to gain true Divine love. Until the heart thirsts for this Love, feels intensely agitated, how is it possible for one to gain it?

Really speaking, Love is God Himself. He who has got true & unalloyed Love, has attained God Himself. God is full of Love & only He is worth loving. Therefore we should try our best to inculcate pure & single-minded Love in God.

God dwells in the hearts of all beings in the form of their soul. He says-

"Arjuna I am the soul of all beings dwelling in their hearts. And I alone, am the begining, middle and the end of all creatures." (Gita 10.20).  

This way the real love lies in realising this nature of God, the indweller among all creatures & then loving Him for love's sake. We should make special effort to love every being as the dwelling place of God. He who realizes this secret of Divine love, develops a cord of Love for all as he has for his own person. Praising such loving devotess the Lord has said-

" Arjuna the Yogi who regards everybody as his own person with the sense of equanimity & regards pleasure & pain as equal, is considered to be the best one." (Gita 6.32)


The ideal of Divine Love are the Gopis. To have their minds constantly fixed on the Lord, to feel great agony on the failure to see Him even for a moment, & to have surrendered themselves completely to the Lord without the least grudge-these were the natural characterestics of the Gopis. In comparison with the service of their dearest lord, they attached no importance to any other duty. Worldly enjoyments & salvation appeared to them as trivial & worthy of being rejected. The Lord Himself said:-

" O Uddhava, the Gopis have dedicated their heart & soul to Me, snapping for my sake all their physical ties. I sustain those who renounce for my sake all worldly enjoyments & their means. A devotee who has thus surrendered his whole being to Me covets not the position of Brahma, the position of Indra, the position of an Emperor, sovereignty over the nether regions, the eight Siddhis(mystic powers) of Yoga, nay, not even salvation, where there

is no return to this world, apart from Me."    (Srimad Bhagwata)

Now mark what the Lord says with reference to devotees of this type:-

"To sanctify myself with the dust of their feet, I constantly follow the footsteps of such devotees."

I bow again & again to the sacred feet of these Gopis who are merged & lost in this divine Love of Shri Krishna. 



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