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Never have time to read?

I would say that in our movement, one of the great causes why devotees are becoming dry in their spiritual practices is because they don’t get absorbed in reading. Because you see, chanting is something you do because we measure it- 16 rounds- so it is sort of very clear. But we don’t do like one hour of…we don’t vow one hour reading, we just don’t vow it. So we don’t give it the same urgency but it practically has the same urgency. It’s very important- very, very important. If we are not…


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Types of prayers

Types of prayers

(from Gauòéya Vaiñëava Abhidhana)


1. Samprarthanatmika - direct prayer glorifying the Lord. We have many examples of this type of prayer in Narottama Dasa's Prarthana.


2. Svadhainyabodhika - expressing humility and embarrassment, informing the Lord: I am very fallen.


3. Manah-siksa…


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Higher Purpose, Higher Taste

I’m not saying you know, somehow or other, if the chocolate tastes good put a rubber band around your tongue or something because you know you just did the wrong thing. No. There’s a natural pleasure that comes from, well Bhagavad Gita analyses it by saying the contact with the senses with their objects: that I see something nice, my fingers touch something nice, you hear something nice, contact of the senses, with, an object, of the sense. That results in a certain amount of pleasure. Okay.…


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Chanting from the material platform

We see how Uddhava is completely absorbed in serving Krishna, in remembering Krishna and in particularly the eternal activities of Krishna. Therefore Uddhava automatically is a resident of the spiritual world. That is his constant focus he is just absorbed in…


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Srimati Radharani

This brings up the question of who Radharani is and what Radha-Krsna is.

Actually Radha-Krsna is the exchange of love. This is not ordinary love;

 Krsna has immense potencies, of which three are principal: internal, external and marginal.

The internal hladini potency is the pleasure potency.

All living entities have this pleasure-seeking potency, for all beings are trying to have pleasure.

    This is the very nature of the living entity. At present we are trying to…


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108 names of Sri Radhika

(uttered by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, according to tradition)


srimad radha rasa-mayi rasa-jna rasika tatha

rasesvari rasa-bhakti rasa-purna rasa-prada


rangini rasa-lubdha ca rasa-mandala-karini

rasa-vilasini radha radhika rasa-purnada


rama-ratna ratna-mayi ratna-mala su-sobhana

raktosthi rakta-nayana raktotpala-vidharini


ramani raamani gopii vrindavana-vilasini

nana-ratna-vicitrangi nana-sukha-mayi-sada




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I'm God, You're God, But Who Is The Supreme God?

Everyone wants to become God, imitator. Imitation. Therefore they say, "Why Kṛṣṇa shall be alone God? I am God." 

You are God. That's all right. But you are not the Supreme God. Why you forget that? You may be a God at home of your wife, but when you go to your office, you are not god; your master is god. He directs you to do something; you have to do it.

So we may claim that "Every one of us, we are God," but nobody can claim that "We are supreme; I am Supreme God."…


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what does Gaudiya Vaishnavas believe??

 are the followers of the mystic avatar Sri Chaitanya (1486-1534). Sri Chaitanya worshiped Radha and Krishna and popularized the practice of kirtan (congregational chanting of the names of God). His followers revere him as an incarnation of Krishna, prophesied in the later chapters of The Srimad Bhagavam, who appeared to teach the path of Bhakti.

Sri Chaitanya taught…


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can scientist believe in god??




If I want to see myself in a mirror the preexisting requirement is a sun, which can give light by which I can see myself in the mirror. Similarly if we want to know about ourselves we have to have some background knowledge about the source of all knowledge- the supreme intelligent being - God. That is why our first session is, ‘can a scientist believe in God? In modern times due to the way we are educated, often people feel that believe in god…


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