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Karunanidhi Das's Blog – April 2016 Archive (3)

A Friendly Reminder for Kamada Ekadasi

A Friendly Reminder:

Today is Kamada Ekadasi

Breaking of fast: Monday in between 6:04 and 10:36 AM

Kamada Ekadasi Mahatmya:

Once, long ago, there existed a city-state named Ratnapura. King Pundarika was the ruler of this most beautiful kingdom where many Gandharvas, Kinnaras, and Apsaraas were among its citizens. Among the Gandharvas were Lalita and his wife Lalitaa, who was an especially lovely dancer.  These two were intensely attracted to each other, and their…


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Lessons from Rama Navami

On this auspicious day,we should remunerate the past time of Lord Rama pertaining the affial love of Dasarath,  unique chastity  of Mother Goddess Sita,servitude of Hanuman,austerity of Bharat,tolerance of Laxman,dedication of Jatayue,trustworthy of Bhibisan, fearlessness of Angad, dependant of Sugriv, affection of Shabari, and many other charecters.

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Thank you all for your warm Birthday Wishes for me with the love of Supreme Personality of God Head Sri Krishna.

Actually, my birthday is celebrated on Vijaya Dashami during Durga Puja according to the Vaishnava Tithie.


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