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pujaahuja's Page

Profile Information

Name / Initiated name
i have no guru in my life,may God bless me and give me a sharan of a guru.
Daily number of rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra.
i do 8 rounds sincerely,when i chant His name i feel that my soul and my mind is refreshing and i am coming closer to my thakurji
When, where and how did you come into contact with the Hare Krishna Movement?
my father died 3 years before,i was so depressed,many questions came to my mind,where is my father gone?after leaving our body where our soul goes?lots and lots of question,then i took bhagavat gita and started reading it,after then i very much involve in thakur seva and bhakti,the thing is clear to me that this world is totally materialistic we should try to come out from it,now my stage of depression has totally gone,i spend my whole day in my thakur's seva and taking His name.
Name the nearest or most frequently Visited ISKCON temple/ centre and name few of the devotees whom you know.
ISKCON of punjabi bagh,delhi
Please describe yourself so that other like minded devotees can find you.
What are your expectations from this community?
i want to learn a lot from this site.

hare krishna

Here is a story about lord Krishna that will tell us
What true love is about.

Krishna, while living in Dwarka with his favourite wife Rukmani, would very
Often softly utter to himself, "O Radha.. O Radha.."

Rukmani felt jealous and asked him why he kept
Remembering Radha so often. Krishna did not say
Anything. He just smiled.

A few days later, Krishna complained of stomach
Ache. Rukmani gave him medicines, but the pain did not
Go away. He kept moaning in pain.

Krishna told her that only a little charanamrita
(blessed water) of a person who truly loved him would Put an end to his agony. He begged Rukmani to give him Some of her charanamrita.

A shocked Rukmani refused:
"How can I commit such a terrible sin? You are the Lord of all that be, and if I gave you my charanamrita I would surely go to hell."

Krishna than asked Rukmani to send an attendant to Vrindavan and try and procure some charanamrita from Someone there. Soon the attendant returned with a Cupful of charanamrita and as Krishna sipped it, all The pain disappeared.

He then asked the attendant, "Who gave you this
Charanamrita?" the attendant replied, "no one in
Vrindavan was ready to give it on learning it was for Lord Krishna.

Then one young woman came running up to
Me and gave me this cup. Her companions cautioned her,
"You fool Radha, you are committing the greatest sin."

But she did not care. She said, "I don't care about What happens to me but I cannot bear to see my beloved Krishna in pain."

Krishna turned to rukmani standing by his side and Said, "Radha is not afraid of going to hell for me. She only thinks about me.
So if Radha loves me so Much, should I also not long for her?"

This is what true love is about. It is

Sacrifice is the most important characteristics of True love.
The power of Love alone confers true strength. All other powers are of no avail. Hence the only strength we should seek from God is the strength of Love. With that strength all the powers can be acquired.

It is not siri (wealth) that we should desire; we should yearn for Hari (God)... It is not rolling in wealth that constitutes enjoyment.

To be immersed in God's love and thoughts of God is the greatest enjoyment as well as true yoga... God is present everywhere in the Cosmos.

He is timeless, without beginning or end. You must try to develop the awareness of this Omnipresent Divine in your heart.

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Pujaahuja's Blog

what happened to hare krishnas?

Posted on July 27, 2008 at 3:47pm 0 Comments


Even a person with no knowledge can immediately acquire all knowledge simply by the benediction of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Therefore I am praying to the Lord for His causeless mercy upon me.

I offer my respectful obeisances unto Sri Krishna Caitanya and Lord Nityananda, who are like the sun and moon. They have arisen simultaneously on the horizon of Gauda to dissipate the darkness of ignorance and thus wonderfully bestow benediction upon… Continue

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At 4:06am on September 7, 2010, suraj parkash sehgal said…
Hare krishan Dear Devotees
Listen the holy name of Shri shri ""Radhe Govind"" by this link
"Radhe radhe govind, Govind radhe"
At 12:49pm on March 10, 2010, priyanka said…

At 2:38am on February 9, 2010, Bhagavan acarya dasa said…
Hare Krsna Pujaahuja,
I Hope you and your family are happy and healthy in Krsna consciousness.
At 11:04am on December 18, 2009, Gaurav Arora Dass said…
hare krishna
thanks for giving me ur association..
hari bol
At 1:35pm on December 17, 2009, geeta kakkar said…
Radhe Radhe,
Thanks for being my friend.

Take care.
At 8:31pm on December 16, 2009, Radhika Piyari devi dasi said…
Hare Krishna,
we all are learning,just pray to srila prabhupada,devotees and lord krishna that we reach our goal
At 7:17pm on April 7, 2009, Rajneesh Sharma said…
Jai Sri Krishna ! Prabhu ji
At 8:19pm on January 6, 2009, Srinivas said…
Today is the very first day of the rest of my life.
This is the beginning of a new day.
I can waste it ... or use it for Spreading KC.
But what I do today is important,
because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.
Hari Bol!
At 8:12am on December 30, 2008, suja said…
Hare krishna mataji...
its nice to hear fr u..
hv a blessed day...
hare krishna
At 9:43am on December 26, 2008, suja said…
hare krishna puja ji..
thank u for inviting me to ... actually i wud like to hv devotee friends fr around the world but wat i see is that devotees do add as friend but nothing happened thereafter.. & furthermore there r too many sites for devotess but seems like everyone is hooked up & we really dont talk much to fellow devotees.. & share our exp & sad... but ill try to b a member there too... hv a great day filled with lords blessings & smiles...

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