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miguel feijao
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Profile Information

Name / Initiated name
miguel feijao
Daily number of rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra.
When, where and how did you come into contact with the Hare Krishna Movement?
Heard from them since many years ago, i was always a bit shy to go to a centre, but eventually...
Name the nearest or most frequently Visited ISKCON temple/ centre and name few of the devotees whom you know.
From more or less a year ago i started attending the sunday festival at Lisbon Iskcon Centre, where i met devotees like Rupa Dasa, Kalindi, Krishna Puja, and others. I went there just a few times, 'cos i had personnal problems, but now i'm ready to return full force!
Please describe yourself so that other like minded devotees can find you.
Interested in arts, animals, chanting, new ideas of coming up with festivals that would make feel people more at ease. I think at least here in Portugal there's too much shyness (look who's talking, lol). Anyway, we must have more fun, less sectarism, more krishna onto our lives. I tell you, i used to be the guy debating all the time. No more! I'me fed up with that! I wanna chant and be happy!! I want tears of joy and elation, not tears of rage!
What are your expectations from this community?
TO SPREAD THE WORD!! To create links between people, to try to erase conflict that plagues Iskcon and others, to help people see that there's a spot that we can fill with the chant hare krishna and be happy!!
Describe any specific service you would love to offer to Lord Krishna & His devotees?
All my energy and my love!!!!

Only our Lord Shri Krishna could borrow a little bit of his immense ocean of beauty to create this. Cats are per se the ideal bhakta companions

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Miguel feijao's Blog

Lord Krishna and Hapiness (Equanimity)?

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 5:30am 1 Comment

     Well, the work you do in regard to meditation and loving devotion brings effects. Even doing it for days brings effects. The question is consistancy and belief in yourself, others and the object of your devotion. It is easy to dismiss realizations as mere flickerings of the brain, as some weird result of concentration, whatever justification there may be. But what about the daily effects, the ones outside japa or kirtan? What about the growing feelings that you get day after day, that…


Radharani's mercy

Posted on February 25, 2013 at 3:16pm 1 Comment

I posted a reply yesterday to a question posted by one devotee, in the manner of "have you seen God", or "experienced Him". I said yes. And the fact is, though I have along the years experienced several "mystical achievements", nothing compares to the feeling of bhakti, and inside bhakti, Krishna bhakti. The growing confidence it gives, the belief that He's there no matter what, and things will turn out right. And next to Krishna, there's Radha. Merciful, sweet, ready to give a hand do the…


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At 2:57am on May 11, 2014, MAHATMA AIYER said…

At 2:57am on May 11, 2014, MAHATMA AIYER said…

At 8:41pm on March 26, 2013, Harita Madhavi Dd said…

hare krishna prabhuji

At 12:24pm on February 9, 2013,
padmavati mataji
Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
May you be blessed with full surrender at the
Lotus Feet of the All-pervading Personality of
Godhead, Lord Krishna, Who is the Absolute
Truth and the primeval cause of all the causes
of the creation, sustenance and destruction of
the manifested universes. His Lotus Feet has
auspicious marks, like for example, the mark of
the barley corn. This mark  signifies that His
devotees receive all enjoyable opulences of
prosperity by serving His Lotus Feet. It also
means that once one finds shelter at His Lotus
Feet, then the devotees`s former journey
through many many births and deaths is actually
very tiny, just like a single grain of barley. It
further demonstrates that just as the barley
grains are the sustenance of life for living beings,
similarly it is widely celebrated that His glorious
Lotus Feet are the nourishment of all souls. With
love and best wishes, take care, bye.
At 12:24pm on February 9, 2013,
padmavati mataji

At 7:10pm on February 8, 2013, Shalabh Shailaja said…

Hare Krishna Prabhuji, You will definitely fortunate to visit wonderful laces like Mayapur and Vrindavan :) Hari Bol!

At 1:04pm on February 7, 2013,
padmavati mataji
Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
May you receive transcendental blessings,
grace and mercy from the God of Gods, the
Greatest of all mystics, the basis of the
Impersonal Brahman, which is immortal,
imperishable and eternal, the ultimate
Supreme Truth, the Source of innumerable
Vaikuntha planets, the Original Bhagavan,
the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord
Krishna. I offer my respectful obeisances
unto Him.  May your devotion to Him be
resolute  and  unflinching;  may  your 
confidence in Him be firm and total; may
your love for Him be unfailing and intense,
and may your faith in Him be strong and
steadfast; deep and profound; unwavering
and unshakeable. Know well that Lord
Krishna`s eternal love for you encircle and
encompasses you at all times, night and day.
With love and best wishes, take care, bye.

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