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Bhagavd Gita and Management, Hare Krisna

Posted on May 30, 2009 at 2:51am 2 Comments

One of the greatest contributions of India to the world is Holy Gita which is considered to be one of the first revelations from God. The spiritual philosophy and management lessons in this holy book were brought in to light of the world by the great Sri Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Swamiji. the greatest philosopher of India. Maharishi calls the Bhagavad-Gita the essence of Vedic Literature and a complete guide to practical life. It provides "all that is needed to raise the… Continue

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At 9:09pm on November 14, 2009, Radha SriKrishna 108 said…
Nice to know you ! I too am from Kerala, now living in Pune :)
I find the Guruvayoor temple very divine
At 1:55pm on October 16, 2009, Ash, Ashley said…
Your contributions in blogs helped me alot today, you convey his divine grace's message so clearly. and i see you do 108 rounds a day. thats amazing, to recieve so much grace. i just wish i could do the same

At 6:40pm on June 20, 2009, Vrindavan Lila devi dasi said…
hare krishna! thanks for your thoughts, come to Mayapur sometime! haribol!
At 12:13pm on June 19, 2009, Radha said…
hare krsna prabhu, thank you..dhanyawad
At 12:42am on June 17, 2009, Asta said…
Hare Krishna I really like the Bhagavat-Gita perfekt book ,and fool of spirit,I,m really thanks for Sri Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Swamiji ,that He gave for us this knowlege,and gave light in my small Lithuania country to open my mind .......This book got many answers! ASTA
At 8:24pm on May 22, 2009, Manesha said…
TRUE prabhu
Hare Krishna
At 11:07am on May 22, 2009, DEEPAK MAHAJAN said…
Yes definitely,
But Arjuna, actually is a pure devotee of the Lord who is free from all the dualities of this material world.He is acting in emotion, on our behalf, also asking questions to Krishna so that the future generation will have practical guidance because our situation in this world is non-different than that of Arjuna on the battlefield.
At 3:25am on April 7, 2009, bhattathiri said…
Brahmacharya can be practiced by married people also. Chastity and
are the foundation on which a strong and happy marital relationship
and should be understood by husband and wife. In Srimad Bhagavatham a
book of Hinduism it is clearly mentioned that practice of brahmacharya
also one of the important duties in married life and it is waived only
the purpose of procreation, austerity, purity, contentment and
towards all. (11.18.43)
Ancient Rishi of India Pathanjali also says in his Yogasutra
" The wise do not
ordinary forms of asceticism as real asceticism. Continence is the
asceticism. He who is a continent is equal to God.
So especially youth in whom the future of our country rests, should
celibacy as far as possible to lead the country and countrymen to have
prosperous future.
At 8:36pm on April 6, 2009, Suresh said…
very true.hare krishna.
At 7:19pm on June 17, 2008, bhattathiri said…
Hare Krisna. In the storm of life we struggle through myriads of stimuli of pressure, stress, and muti-problems that seek for a solution and answer. We are so suppressed by the routine of this every life style that most of us seem helpless. However, if we look closely to ancient techniques we shall discover the magnificent way to understand and realize the ones around us and mostly ourselves. If only we could stop for a moment and allow this to happen. May all beings be happy (Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu)

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