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OM NAMO NARAYANAYA["Krishna Hare Jaya"]'s Page

Profile Information

Name / Initiated name
Daily number of rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra.
When, where and how did you come into contact with the Hare Krishna Movement?
Whn i was 19.After the daeth of my father
Name the nearest or most frequently Visited ISKCON temple/ centre and name few of the devotees whom you know.
ISCKON [TRIVANDRUM] Prabhitha,Vineetha Jayapal
Please describe yourself so that other like minded devotees can find you.
Im a devotee of lord Vishnu.For me my Bhagvan is everything.My life is for Bhagvan.He is my bestfriend. Im an expert in Photo shop.Most of my works r based on Lord Vishnu.Those who love lord krishna who belives in lord krishna can add me in their friend list.I belive in VASUDEVAKUDUMBAKOM.I love music. My life is full of Krishna and music .Frm my life experience im saying that whn u face disappointments in ur life, u need shanti and u wil get it frm bhagvan.Thn only he can help u.True bhakti is the only way to reach Sree Krishna paramaatma.Im intrstd in charitable works.I belive MAANAVA SEVA MAADHAVA SEVA.

All my friends r asking this question that why im so close to my Bhagvan?There is a storey behind that.Whn i was 19 yrs old my father died.He was my best friend.I never thought that i will los my father.Before the death of my father [1 yr before i saw a dreame abt the death of my father.All of a sudden i woke up frm my bed and went to his room.I thought my father died.Whn i went to his room i saw that he was sleeping.It was 4 o clock morning[brahma muhoortham]dreams which r seen early in the morning just before sunrise r sid to come true.So i was so worried abt that bad dream.So i told my mother abt that bad dreame.But she said never mind.It is just a dreame.But it was an information for me.I think bhgvan informed me abt my fathers death.So i was allways worried abt my father.My father was a heart patient and he didnt had any controll in his i allways gave advices to my father.I told abt this dreame to all the other members in my family.But they didnt care.on 21-09-2001 night 10'0 clock my father died due to Crdio respiratory attack.Thn everybody remebrd my words.The dead body of my father was coverd by a red colored blanket.That blanket was the same that i saw 1 yr before in my dreame.Hence i lost my father.
After the death of my fther i was allways thinking abt his death.Wht was the reason behind that dreame?and wht happend to my father after death?I refer so many spiritual books.At last i read Bhagvath Geeta.Frm Geeta i undrstood that this body is just like a cloth for the soul.Only Bhagvan can save us from this bhavasagaram.I lost my father but he is alive in my heart.I think Bhagvan wanted to inform me abt the death of my father.Thats why i saw that dreame.In RAMAYANAM Bharata also dremed abt the death of his father Dasharatha.My experience was just like that.But there is a slight difference.

Several times ive dreamed my swamy.Some of my dreams i designed in Photoshop.If u visit my Orkut account OM NAMO NARAYANAYA u can see some of them.Whn ever i get disappointed i can feel the presence of my swamy Narayana.If u want Moksha u have to concider him as ur Guru.There is no Master equal to him.He is the Maha Guru. This human birth is to attain Moksha.It is not easy to get Moksha.If a soul wants to get Moksha he should have Bhakti.Without Bhakti u wont get Moksha.If a soul who didnt get Moksha should come to this samsara sagaram depending upon his karma.Mokasha is only through SREE KRISHNA PARAMATAMA.True bhakti[devotion]is the only way to get SREE KRISHNA PARAMATAMA.If Bhagvan is with u no need of a life partner.If u didnt get a life partner in ur life dont worry Bhagvan is calling u for his seva.Very few people wil get that chance.

In this kali yuga Nama sankeertanam is important.So chant the MAHA MANTRA atleast1 round in a day.

Describe any specific service you would love to offer to Lord Krishna & His devotees?

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At 10:35am on November 30, 2008, Sudakaran Sangaran said…
Hare Krishna! How are you doing?
At 2:03pm on October 28, 2008, Manjunath said…
Wish you a very Happy




bless you and your family have with his Love
At 3:43pm on October 21, 2008, Manjunath said…
Hare Krishna!
In the month of Kartik, you can offer Ghee lamp to the Deities every evening, it will burn all your past sins you have
commited unknowingly or knowingly and gives you love of Sri Radha Krishna Chandra.

In this month of Kartik, Mother Yashoda had tied Sri Krishna with rope for stealing butter and his mishevous activities. Hence he got the name Damodara; Dama means rope and Udara means Belly. Since Yashoda tied Udara of Sri Krishna with Dama, he is called Damodara.

I am sending a link which gives you Damodarastaka, which is a special song: which can be sung everyday and if possible offer the ghee lamp to Sri Radha Krishna Chandra.

May Lord Sri Radha Krishna Chandra bless you with his love.

Link is:

If you want any help, I am always there.

Thank you,

Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada & Lord Krishna.
At 8:47am on October 18, 2008, Sudakaran Sangaran said…
Dear Prabhu. Hare Krishna! Thank you for your recent reply. I am very happy to be in your association once again. I trust you are doing well in your devotional service to Sri Krishna.

Yes you may continue with your charitable work. There is nothing wrong with that. Just try to link it up with Krishna bhakti. It will make a whole lot of difference in your work. I agree that devotees should visit Sri Padmanabha Kshetram at least once in their life time. This kshetram is mentioned in many of the puranas including the Bhagavatam. Infact the Bhagavatam details that Lord Balarama visited this sacred site during His pilgrimage. Its truly an amazing place. But I still favour Guruvayur. I was there last year during their annual utsavam and was lucky enough to witness the elephant race and flag hoisting ceremony.

We are now observing Kartikka masa. It arrived on Wednesday and will last for a month. During this month all devotees will offer a ghee lamp to the picture of Lord Damodara who is lovingly bound to a grinding mortar by His mother Yashoda. A sacred prayer called Damodarashtakam is recited to glorify this sweet event in the unlimited pastimes of the Lord.

I end with my best wishes for your physical and spiritual well being. May Lord Damodara and Mother Yashoda bless you with bhakti. Bye. Haribol!

Your servant,
At 12:45pm on October 13, 2008, Manjunath said…
Hare Krishna!

Thank you for including me in your friends list. Let my dear Lord Radha Krishna Chandra help you in attaining his pure devotion and love. Pray to His divine grace Srila Prabhupada- who is the only savior of fallen souls like us.

I would like to what you want to achieve by making me as your friend? May I Know your living place?

Let us chat and have spiritual discussion.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy.

Hare Krishna!
At 1:35pm on October 12, 2008, Sudakaran Sangaran said…
Hare Krishna! Welcome! I was very impressed to read about your realisations. You are correct to say that only via bhakti can we achieve liberation from the cycle of samsara. Chariy is important as it is approved by Sri Krishna Himself in the Gita. But what kind of charity is the issue. If it is just feed and clothe the needy then the impact wil be temporary as its related to their material bodies only. So the best charity is the knowledge of self realisation which can awaken the dormant Krishna consciousness in them.

I have been to Thiruvananthapuram in 1997. Visited the grand and holy temple of Lord Padmanabha. He is so peaceful and beautiful to look at. I will never forget that experience. The palace museum next to it has some very interesting historical artefacts.

So continue in your devotional service and chant the holy names. Wishing you well. Bye. Haribol!

Your servant,
At 8:42am on October 11, 2008, ISKCON desire tree said…
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At 11:54pm on October 10, 2008, SaiRam das said…


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